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Bringing back Dr. Seuss

Can AI continue the legacy of our most beloved authors and artists?

Dr. Seuss, a Portrait in the Style of Dr. Seuss (All Images in this article were AI-generated by Aron Brand)
Seuss was known for his fantastic anthropomorphic animals, and Seuss-AI generates them with ease
I love the zany, fantastic architecture of Dr. Seuss, here reproduced with Seuss-AI
“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere!” — Dr. Seuss (Images: Seuss-AI)
Let’s have some more fun… Mr. Bean, Starry night, and “The birth of Venus”. In the Seuss-verse, Venus seems to be holding a balloon…
A Jedi Cat, Seuss-AI
A game of chess
Seuss-AI can create portraits… Here are Marilyn Monroe and Margot Robbie
And this is Brad Pitt, in the style of Dr. Seuss
I asked Seuss-AI for a picture of the Beatles, crossing Abbey Street…
And here is Gal Gadot, Imagined By Seuss-AI
Vincent Vega is dancing with Mia (Pulp Fiction), in the Seuss-verse.

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