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Difference between machine learning, deep learning, data science and artificial intelligence (AI)

Imagine a self-driving car picking up passengers in a busy street where they are able to move from one place to the other. Or a machine learning model able to predict the chances for a person to have cancer with minimal aid from a doctor. Or chatbots able to communicate with the customers about online purchases. Or models…




Data Scientists must think like an artist when finding a solution when creating a piece of code. ⚪️ Artists enjoy working on interesting problems, even if there is no obvious answer ⚪️ 🔵 Follow to join our 18K+ Unique DAILY Readers 🟠

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Suhas Maddali

Suhas Maddali

Data Scientist Intern @ NVIDIA. I'm writing articles to share my knowledge to the community so that it would be helpful.

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