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Find out research ideas in three effective ways: step-by-step instruction

Sometimes it can be seen that numerous individuals often get stuck while choosing a research idea just because deficiency of proper guideline how or where to get this. I have seen that most of the undergrad students in Bangladesh are facing these difficulties which I also met at the beginning of my research. However, sometimes there is a problem among the graduate students in selecting the ideas of research.

This is what I am writing to illustrate three effective ways to generate research ideas. In this article, you will know how to efficient way select research ideas.

Although everyone footsteps are not similar, some essential steps perhaps could be more beneficial for the aspirants whoever get stuck by this.

Some important things before the beginning.

Firstly, You have to think outside the box in order to research since research is a well-organized way which focuses on applicable and achievable issues. Secondly, you must ensure that you have adequate knowledge about the topic you want to research. Thirdly, ask yourself whether you are self-determined because sometimes you would have to rollback to think properly or complete your experiment, which is essential at the beginning moment.

Fig.1: Roadmap of selecting a research idea

STEP 01: Read research papers on the topic that interested you

If you are good at your research domain, but you are in a dilemma to pick research ideas, in that case, you will have to read the relevant article which belongs to your research topic.

You do not need to read the entire scientific manuscript whenever you endeavour to view the paper as the main points can be found in the abstract and conclusion section that will give you a whole idea about the research, to illustrate, which method they utilized. Fig.1 shows the roadmap of selecting a research idea.

Next, you will have to go for reading the future work section, which sometimes has included in the conclusion that will give you a fundamental concept about the research paper.

All right, that was the first step in selecting a research idea. Now go to STEP02.

STEP 02: Make an outline of your topic

I hope you understand what kind of research has already been done on your domain. Now you need to select any particular topic from the base domain. Here should be mentioned that when you complete these then you need to create an outline. Fig.2 shows the outline of idea selection.

If you are enthusiastic enough to learn more about the research outline then read my previous article “How to write a scientific manuscript: Fundamental instruction for beginners” Here you go:

Fig.2: STEP 02 diagram about figure out the ideas

Select any one topic → Make a mindmap → Test the mindmap → Compare with existing research → Go to STEP 03

Select any one topic

After carefully read the abstract, conclusion hopes you have understood the basic concept of what type of research has already been accomplished. Nevertheless, if you are a computer science student, you need to think about what your research fields might be. Let’s see the image below Fig.3

Fig. 3: Research domain

Make a mind map

The mind map will help you create ideas effectively. Arrange the points in the shape of how you think about your research in this step. Combine the ideas you got by studying your subject in the form of points here.

Test the mind map

Whenever you have a mind map you need to check again for relevant research to see if it is applicable and achievable. If you come up with an idea which is not possible to implement could be created an issue.

Compare your topic features with the existing research

What are the features of your research? I mean, you can find out the gap of your research if you compare the topics that you think are unique with the existing research. By comparing in this way you can get the idea. Or you can make a hypothesis that will help you get the idea. If you have no idea about the hypothesis, keep following this link and realize the basic idea. Here you go:

STEP 03: Rollback to STEP 01

Do the literature review → Find out the research gaps → Solve the gaps

Did you remember what you did in step 01? In this step, review some literature related to the topic you have chosen. It should be noted here that when reviewing the literature, you do not need to write the characteristics. In other words, you need to observe what gaps there are in related research papers and you can get some idea just by solving the gaps by keeping the existing paper features.

To conclude, the research will not be complete if you are confused about what you will be working on. You can find research ideas by comparing with existing systems. On the other hand, you can select ideas by reviewing the literature and finding the research gap. This article shows you some guidelines that will help you find an effective research idea.

If you want to have this article in PDF format, click on the link below.

Please forgive me if there is any mistake in my writing.

All the best. Keep calm and don’t give up.

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