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Manifesting your inner SCUM -DeepFake.

Guidebook through the dirty roads of your soul-map (clickbait)

Follow the instructions.

Read out loud:
*I am the SCUM of the Earth
*I am the SCUM of the Universe
*I am the SCUM of Existence

Read with your heart:
I call upon thee LAYLA, Lady of the Night.
In thy shadows resides Lillith and in thy light Fatimah.
What goes down is what’s up.
What goes down is what’s up
What goes down is what’s up

Do not read at all costs:
I am , ma I.

This is <<NO-EL SCUM>> speaking through the interplanetary bitmap.wav frequency, blasting intermittent subliminal messages:

“I want to conquer solar system Earth #99. Who follows my T-weet dreams?”

Rendering new Image/Sound: Virtual Taste of aphoria. The death of sentient experience through C19 mind injection. C19 psychological framework to limit capabilities of speech.

Fractioning data from taste of strawberries.
All data serves the DeepLearning capabilities of the SCUM Era which will rule for the blink of an eye.

Experiment to surpass physical death — Success.
Experiment to surpass mental death — Success.
Experiment to surpass Ego death — … … …

BS is SB

Inversion of realities call upon the reel versions of tictoc — timeline bending on virtual fire-escapes.

Fractioning 3 as One:

>>>Body, mind and Ego<<<

Manifesting deepest cravings, raw desire to S-Cum, shitload of data through visualisation of mental norp. Norping black whole clusters into new sub galaxies. Trapping endless mindloops from karmic loops to DeepLearning Looping Modals.

An Era of Fake, championed by the SCUM Fakkers.

Inter-stoolar CAC data analysis

Say out loud:

*This is a work of artFICTION, I apologise If I offended any idea, person, type, gender, position, time, place,…that has mental and emotional affinity with your readership, any symbolism used in this story is to make a NO-POINT from which you can fill the empty shelves of your Digital word-brary



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