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MuarAugment: Easiest Way to SOTA Data Augmentation

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  • Here is an end-to-end classification task using MuarAugment’s algorithm MuAugment on colab. (1)
  • Here is a template to use MuarAugment’s implementation of RandAugment on colab. (2)
  • Also see my previous Medium post for a survey of automatic data augmentation methods and the motivation for MuarAugment, as well as a walk through the RandAugment and MuarAugment algorithms.
  • The MuarAugment GitHub contains the code and additional resources (give a star if and only if you find MuarAugment useful).

High-level Walkthrough

# You can install MuarAugment via PIP:!pip install MuarAugment


Record of training vanilla ResNet50s on the Kaggle Plant Dataset.



Papers Referenced



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