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Project Titan

What is Project titan :

Project titan is a kind of secret project on which apple started working with internal and some external resources without announcing it publicly.

Starting in 2014, Apple began working on “Project Titan,” with upwards of 1,000 employees working on developing an electric vehicle at a secret location near its Cupertino headquarters.


We’re no strangers to surprises from Apple, the company has shocked us before. Start from the iPod to the new generation iPhone it has shocked its customers as well as the technology giants.

Apple has already made its brand value and the iPhone X pushed the smartphone market into a new age of over a thousand dollar phones.

In its first fiscal quarter of 2021, iPhone and iPad sales pushed Apple’s revenue to over 100 billion dollars for the first time.

Multiple reported news stated that in Q1 of 2021, Apple had $195 billion on hand. Due to such high cash flow in hand, Apple will never look back from entering into another sector or business.

Apple has already invested a billion dollars in Chinese Uber competitor Didi Chuxing in 2016, which help them to strengthened Apple’s ties to the mobility industry and self-driving technology domain.

Apple has already started hiring talent from BlackBerry, NASA, and others that have been commissioned for the project titan. They have also added former Tesla employees who have been courted to Project Titan, including former Tesla autopilot, powertrain, mechanical design, firmware engineers, and global supply chain managers. Which has already made rumors to believe something huge is coming.


Over the time period of the last several years, there’s been a lot of back and forth on the Apple Car project. Early rumors said that Apple would build a full car, but then leadership struggles, development issues, and internal strife led to rumors that the project had been scaled back and would instead focus on self-driving technology.

In 2019 and 2020, we began hearing new rumors that the project had pivoted once again and Apple was continuing to pursue an Apple-branded vehicle, and then multiple rumors in late 2020 confirmed that Apple is still working and in talks with multiple different vendors on a full Apple-branded car aimed at consumers, with plans for a partnership with an existing vehicle manufacturer.

Apple customer has high expectations from a company which is built on trust and product quality. Apple has a straightforward pathway to get into business due to the cash flow and already known brand value, but due to lack of experience in the automotive sector, it can get few major challenges also.


Any company which wants to get into the automotive sector always gets major challenges as it’s a slow-moving sector, many known companies apart from Tesla have been in business long time. Tesla is the latest addition to the automotive sector with profit-making in minimum time.

No doubt Apple has to tie-ups with multiple companies from different sectors to get into the business. Like Tesla, a new car company would face issues with financing the staggeringly expensive task of building an automobile manufacturing operation.

Tesla already spent a billion dollars on making batteries and manufacturing units over the globe. But we are forgetting these financial challenges might not be in the pathway of apple as it has large cash flow in hand.

What is project titan look like from a technology perceptive:

Apple is getting for self-driving cars which are again Google and other tech giants are also working on. Different companies are using Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning as a part of object detection in a self-driving car.

Waymo is an American autonomous driving technology development company, which has already partnered with Jaguar for a self-driving car deal.

So, Apple has to patterned or developed its own team or software to design and test autonomous driving, which Apple has already started. In 2020 alone, Waymo logged almost 629,000 miles in California, whereas Apple counted almost 19,000.


The auto industry is highly influenced and impacted by the tech industry because Apple is very prominently tech industry. Apple is a tech giant due to which other companies are doing the same thing but it is very noteworthy because, in terms of financial resources and research and development, Apple has all of that in spades.

When Apple entered into the smartphone business, there were other tech giants too in the market but, Apple launched a product that was so unique and user-friendly that it has changed the industry for more than a decade. If Apple can do the same thing with a car, it’s probably going to be a huge success.

Apple may start its production by 2024 and plan to launch in 2025 to 2027. These all are speculation until an official word from Apple side, till the time we can just wait and watch.




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