Kickstart your Ethereum journey on Microsoft Azure — Part 2

Pieter Noyens
Mar 7 · 10 min read


Launching our own Ethereum blockchain on Microsoft Azure

Web3 illustrates the interpretation of “web 3.0” as perceived by the Ethereum founders, referring to the well known “web 2.0” definition. It originates from Ethereum's most foundational raison d’être: enabling The Decentralized Web.



Microsoft Azure offers an impressive array of templates for bootstrapping blockchain networks
Step 1 — Basics
Step 2 — Deployment regions
Step 3 — Network size and performance
Step 4 — Ethereum settings
> geth account new
Step 5 — Monitoring
Step 6 — Summary
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Deploying your own Smart Contract to the Ethereum consortium blockchain

> node -version
> sudo npm install -g solc@0.4.18

> mkdir compiled
> cd contracts
> solcjs -o ../compiled --bin --optimize *.sol
> solcjs -o ../compiled --abi --optimize *.sol
> npm install
> node deploy-contract.js TokenController --compiled



Start your blockchain mission on Microsoft Azure

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Start your blockchain mission on Microsoft Azure