A successful partnership is a critical element in ensuring long-term and sustainable success in today’s global and uncertain economy. At MLG, we realize that relationships are our most valuable asset, and we consistently, intentionally and systematically nurture those relationships to form strong strategic partners. We know that prosperous organizations are based on successful partnerships, and have established powerful relations with many renowned companies. Here are five of the partnerships that motivate us daily.

1.Last year, Chinese blockchain platform the TRON Foundation partnered with MLG Blockchain to develop their global community through local meetups and educational airdrops of TRON’s TRX token at university campuses and industry events. TRON is establishing the concept of the shared economy in digital entertainment, with a world market valued at $1 trillion. The TRX-token is already working with 300,000 holders from around the world. Our partnership with the Tron Foundation will help in expanding the capability of digital entertainment platforms including online casinos, gaming, social networks and online shows, offering reliable payment, storage and co-funded features for them.

Speaking of which, why not join us tomorrow night for an educational event in Toronto, co-sponsored by TRON? MLG Blockchain will be on-site and provide an overview of how students can explore opportunities in this fast-paced industry. For more information, check out the Facebook event here.

Not in Toronto, but still want to learn about TRON? Read Justin Sun’s interview here.

2. In a recent announcement, Kinesis, a company presenting a new monetary system secured by precious metals and powered by blockchain technology, confirmed that it has formed a strategic agreement with our company. As stated in the partnership, MLG Blockchain will provide initial token offering consulting services for their Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), slated for September. Both Kinesis and MLG look forward to working together and reigning supreme in the world of digital currencies.

Stay up to date with Kinesis by following their blog and follow updates through their socials, either Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. In partnering with Loopring, we are happy to support their collaboration with UC Berkeley in laying the foreground for a blockchain research program. The program will focus on cross-blockchain transfer and trading protocols. As cross-chain trading protocols are fundamental to the interoperability of decentralized networks, this effort will also explore the possibility of applying zero-knowledge proofs on top of the Loopring protocol to provide strong privacy guarantees for token-to-token trading activities.

Read more on how Loopring is facilitating decentralized exchanges here.

4. Expanding globally, our new partnership with Icocrow will provide additional visibility to our partners in the current blockchain market during their ICO campaigns. A US-based listing service, Icocrow allows companies to accelerate the promotion of their upcoming initial coin offerings and provides organizations with fast and cost-effective opportunity to advertise their ICOs in sponsored listings through 14 partnered websites. We would also like to thank ICO Alert podcast for hosting a joint podcast between our founder and CEO Michael Gord, with Icocrow’s Greg Hemmer, which you listen to here.

Follow Icocrow’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for more developments.

5. Building the global blockchain community is a key tenet to our mission at MLG, and that is why we are humbled to have formed a strategic partnership with Blockchain India. Blockchain India is a community that helps blockchain enthusiasts come together to create an ecosystem and open new domains for social impact. It promotes education and connects professionals to foster cutting-edge technology projects. This partnership will leverage Blockchain India’s network to support community development initiatives across the sub-continent and will allow our companies to organize meetups, workshops, hackathons and technical training.

Follow how Blockchain India is promoting this technology through their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Our strategic partnerships show that companies working toward a common goal can accomplish more and reach further than we ever could on our own. We are thankful to our partners, and will continue to build out this blockchain community through forming powerful relationships across the globe. If you are looking for the right partner that can help you create a blockchain strategy for your growing business, reach out to our team at MLG Blockchain!

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