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4 Minutes With Mission Female’s Frederike Probert

For many women looking to advance their careers — it’s simply not enough to be good at your job. You also have to make yourself visible to stand out, and when working in a male-dominated industry, that can be difficult.

According to the 2021 Fortune Global 500 listing, women hold the top position at 23 companies. Only 4.6%. Grant Thornton’s “Women in Business 2021” reported women in senior management positions at 31%. While this is an increase from 2020, it’s still a staggering display of the leadership equity gap.

Talk of diversity and equity has reverberated through the corporate world on a global scale, and many businesses are enjoying the benefits when enacting such leadership. A 2019 S&P Global analysis found that companies with women at the C-level typically have profits surpassing those led by men. Committing to a diversity leadership strategy can provide a more well-rounded thought process and strategy for your organisation.

However, actions speak louder than words. It’s not merely enough for management to say it is on board with diversity strategies. And it’s not just current employees watching and waiting for change, but potential staff, clients and consumers as well.

To further discuss the gender gap in leadership, we chatted with Frederike Probert, CEO and founder of Mission Female, a networking organisation unlocking the power of women in marketing and corporate management. For the past 20 years, she has made a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur and technology expert in the digital industry. With Mission Female, she offers a place for top female managers and experts to engage in professional development to elevate these women to C-level and board positions.

During this chat with MMA Germany Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz, Frederike discusses the opportunities Mission Female provides for more women to prepare themselves through mentorship, visibility and positioning training. She also gives advice on how boardrooms can improve their drive to advance women and the importance of encouraging diversity in leadership.

Check out the full interview with Frederike here.



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