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4 Minutes With Remerge’s Pan Katsukis: How You Can Drive Effective Marketing in a No-ID World

With the arrival of the SKAdNetwork and the deprecation of identifiers, marketers are struggling to measure and optimize campaigns. Brands and marketers have a choice: they can be frustrated by the increasing difficulty they face trying to optimize app campaigns for down-the-funnel events, such as repeat purchases or free trial signups. Or they can experiment with different ways of determining the real value of their campaign activities.

Smart marketers are doing the latter, pursuing new approaches to incrementality testing and measuring the uplift. In this scenario, all effort is aimed at answering one key question: “Is this campaign generating conversions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise?”

To help marketers unlock performance insights and determine the real value of their remarketing efforts (and where campaigns are potentially cannibalizing their organics), Remerge has pioneered Incremental Impact. The product, based on causal impact analysis and rooted in econometrics, measures the incremental uplift of an ad campaign, taking into account conversions that happened either organically or from other marketing activities.

This is a lot to digest, so we distil insights on incrementality and other marketing topics into a 4-minute rapid-fire response interview with Pan Katsukis, a Berlin-based entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Remerge, an award-winning app marketing platform. Remerge helps app businesses achieve growth, boost revenue, and encourage user loyalty while calculating incremental measurement and optimization. Revenue-generating apps such as Delivery Hero, Playtika, Line Music and foodpanda all benefit from the ad tech Intelligence of Katsukis and his team.

During this chat with MMA Germany Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz, Katsukis discusses how marketers can approach and assess re-engagement strategies in a no-ID world. He also provides actionable advice you can follow to drive positive results on a limited budget and reveals the biggest opportunity marketers are missing.

Check out the full interview here.



The Mobile Marketing Association’s German Local Council strives to accelerate the transformation and innovation of mobile marketing and advertising, and the technologies that enable their advancement in Germany and globally.

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Mobile Marketing Association's German Local Council strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies in the country.