The Mobile Marketing Association Germany has published a new checklist to help marketers harness and implement Multi-Touch Attribution.

New Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)checklist helps marketers understand and track customer journey

The customer journey across channels and touch points is increasingly complex to understand and critical to get right. According to a recent study, 44% of advertisers still assign the entire conversion credit to the last interaction, often for lack of a better alternative.

In practice, MTA is essential as it enables marketers to track customer journeys across channels and devices, assign business value to each touch point and use these insights to make more informed marketing decisions.

The Mobile Marketing Association Germany — the German council of the Mobile Marketing Association that includes leading companies such as Unilever, McDonald’s, Facebook and others — has developed MTA checklists to highlight key features and help marketers harness and implement MTA. This effort, led by Dr. Jannika Bock, Head of Performance Solutions at Google, provides “a great guideline for advertisers to understand and implement multi-touch attribution in their companies.”

As she puts it: “Understanding the customer journey is key to successful marketing. Today, the customer journey is more complex than ever before with several touchpoints across different devices. Multi-touch attribution shows advertisers the impact of each addressable touchpoint on a conversion and helps them optimizing and planning their marketing campaigns.”

MTA: The 3 stages

There are three important stages to multi-touch attribution: collecting data, analyzing it and acting upon insights derived from the analyzed data. For each of these stages, there are key features that advertisers have to consider when implementing an MTA solution — and these features have to be in line with existing data privacy regulations.

“In an increasingly fragmented world, attribution has become more important than ever,” observes Daniel Rieber, Co-Chair of the MMA Germany, “Bringing industry leaders such as Facebook and Google to one table to define a general checklist is a big win for the market.”

We encourage you to use the checklists improve and implement MTA to drive positive results for your customers and your brand.

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