Opening The Doors To Precise Mobile Campaigns, At Scale

Mobile’s exponential growth has meant that advertisers and their agencies have shifted budgets to address more and more customers on their most personal device — the smartphone. Still, while hungry to execute the best mobile campaigns combining rich audience data and using engaging creatives, many advertisers and their agencies are facing a challenge: having access to audience data that offers both reach and accuracy when addressing the right audience — especially when it comes to demographic targeting.

Moreover, recent report from Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, the standard for digital ad measurement, point out that mobile data lacks accuracy compared to online data. The company recently communicated an average on-target rate of 40 percent for female to 57 percent for male for mobile. How do advertisers and agencies ensure that their campaigns can perform against those benchmarks?

To tackle this challenge, solutions are beginning to shape around providing advertisers with a new way to target demographic data that is significantly more accurate than the average data sets on market. The magic ingredient here is a smart mixture of first-party and third-party data. First-party data has unlimited potential when it comes to accuracy, as it’s collected based on a direct relationship with consumers. While it’s pure gold when it comes to accuracy, it falls short when it comes to reach and scalability. Third-party data is where the scope is reversed: you get the breath that you need to run a campaign at-large, but the data can lack the necessary accuracy as it’s predominantly statistical data and often aggregated from numerous data sources that the advertiser/agency doesn’t have a direct relationship with.

Bundling first- and third-party data in a smart way, and validating the new segments against industry benchmarks opens the doors to new possibilities. This new approach, that mobile-first data exchange adsquare is pioneering, allows advertisers to target demographic data, such as age and gender, with both high precision and at scale.

To illustrate the innovative approach, adsquare and mobile marketing platform AdColony ran a campaign for a major brand in France. Combining first-party data from various publishers and extending it with high quality third-party data, the campaign’s target audience reached an accuracy of 80.14% measured for gender and age combination. Compared to a 26% industry benchmark, this result is impressive 308% uplift, as Mediapost reported recently. This approach paves the way for advertisers to ensure that their brand messages reach the right people at scale, in order to maximize return on investment.