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The Mobile Video Checklist: Best Practices and More for Marketers

The research is clear — mobile video ads are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of digital video users consume videos on their mobile phones. In Germany, this figure is already over 61%, according to eMarketer. Meanwhile, mobile is estimated to account for around 82% of all digitally sold advertising space, or 51% of the total global advertising budget in 2023. The writing is on the wall — mobile marketers must master mobile video.

So, the question is, what is needed to create videos that get noticed and recalled in the mobile stream. What are the do’s and don’ts? And what are the right metrics to measure success? The MMA Germany aims to answer these questions with its Mobile Video Checklist.

“There are still too many video-creatives and -campaigns out there who haven’t been designed to run on mobile,” says Katja Griesser, Country Director, Mobile Marketing Association Germany. “The impact of such campaigns is relatively low compared to what it could be in case of respecting some simple rules. That’s why we saw a need for a mobile video creative checklist.”

The MMA Germany — together with marketing experts from Facebook, Mastercard, Coca Cola, and Twitter — created a video checklist that includes creatives, brand managers, and ways to help marketers create and sell successful mobile video ads.

Three takeaways from the Mobile Video Checklist

When it comes to mobile video ad success, the trick is to ask the right questions, target the right users, and take a mobile-first attitude to get the best results. Our research found:

  1. Which goal do I actually want to achieve? Branding or sales targets? Based on this, you determine how best to measure success. Before a campaign. KPIs such as CPM and view-through-rate are increasingly taking a back seat. Attribution models or marketing mix modeling come to the fore as they can better compare channels with each other and attach a value.
  2. Targeting — just like you’ve always wanted. Mobile has all the classic target group criteria — such as demographics — with the added benefit of mobile targeting possibilities like the possibility to play your video when the user contacts a certain place. For example, on mobile you can suggest a visit to a shop when a user is looking at a smartphone near a branch — which is more relevant to the user than the same suggestion while they are at home on the sofa.
  3. Think mobile right from the start. Even if it’s a great, creative idea at its core, there are only a few creative ideas that are equally suitable for all channels (offline and online). Hence it’s imperative to develop mobile video content with the mobile channel in mind.

More best practices for mobile video

While these three tips are enough to get marketers started on the right path, there’s more to creating great mobile video content than meets the eye. The Mobile Video Checklist not only offers a checklist for the design of mobile video creatives, but explores four best practices in depth to make sure mobile campaigns are a success.

Get the full report here.