Breathe Easy — Final Presentation

Breathe Easy

We help parents and children become more self-aware of their asthma, body, emotional wellbeing and physical limits. By providing safe activity suggestions for children based off of their data and environmental factors — we encourage children to be more physically active and keep track of their progress and achievements.

Our service is catered to Parents like Alison and children like Sarah —

For parents like Alison — breathe easy lets her

  1. Access Location environmental data — can see pollen count, weather, humidity etc. for the day so that she is well-prepared
  2. She also gets suggested activities that she and Sarah should do based off the health and interests data inputted
  3. Using these suggestions, she can create an organized schedule that slowly builds up Sarahs immunity and strength
  4. The routine is adaptable to Sarah’s physical and emotional change with each week.
  5. And finally she share this important changes in Sarah’s health profile with secondary care givers

For Children like Sarah —

Sarah receives a journal which contains her avatar and her favorite activities/hobbies — personalized to build an emotional connection

  1. Identify asthma symptoms and triggers
  2. Helps children understand their own body, how to manage their own asthma condition
  3. Visualize her achievements and journey — See how far they’ve come and provides an incentive for her to keep going with the program
  4. Stay physically active in pursuing the activities they love

Service Design Blueprint

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