Revisiting our service landscape

From our earlier feedback from faculty and users, we realized our concentration was much focused on the individual touch-points with in our system rather than the whole integrated system itself. We went back to the whiteboard to clearly break-apart our pain points and how we address them. This exercise proved useful, cause it let us take a step back and re-iterate our service story.

Back to whiteboard
Final iteration of our service workflow

We revised our scenario, using similar personas as before, but making it less about the onboarding experience and more about improving collaboration between the child and parents.

  • Collaboration between parent and child, crucial to growth → trust & reliability
  • Improvement in collaboration between child and parents


  • Diagnosed with asthma
  • doesn’t know much about her asthma triggers


  • Download app, given activities to overcome thresholds, set goals
  • Bi-weekly summary report → share


  • Learning child’s thresholds
  • Improved action plan

Taking this direction forward, I created the following :

Interaction map of our service landscape
Value flow
Final Service Blueprint with customer journey
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