NVSBL’s Undershirt That Isn’t There

Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with undershirts. I purely wear them for a few practical reasons and only when it is really necessary; mainly to catch the sweat to avoid those wet spots under my arms, which don’t look very sexy.

But the big NO for an undershirt is visibility. We’ve all seen those tie-less office guys with their top two buttons open, exposing a white crew-collar tee. If you recognise yourself here, please stop this unfashionable dressing habit! No matter how fancy the suit is you’re wearing, it kills your whole look.

Your undershirt’s function is to keep you warm and fresh throughout the day but it’s not meant to be shown to your co-workers or friends.

Through the years, I have worn and torn dozens of undershirts. Some lasted for several seasons while others barely made it through ten washes. But sometimes finding the perfect essential takes time. Just recently I came across the invisible undershirt by NVSBL.

This fairly new brand seems to deliver the best undershirt for men, offering two important features; they’re anti-bacterial and invisible! It has a deep V-neck, which makes it possible to leave a few buttons of your shirt undone without showing any ‘unwanted’ cloth. The NVSBL undershirt is worn tight on the body, leaving no visible creases in the cloth also whereas the suppleness and softness of the fabric guarantee a very comfortable fit. These tees come in only one colour; beige. The philosophy behind that is, again, invisibility so that the undershirt matches your skin tone. That is if you’re caucasian. But even on a darker skin beige would still be more subtle than a crisp white tee.

I wanted to put the NVSBL Undershirt to the test and ordered one. Let’s have a closer look at it.


First the fabric: They are designed with premium modal fabrics (94% Modal, 6% Spandex) to be softer, extra breathable and 50% more absorbent than cotton, which should surely help to reduce wet spots under my arms. Indeed, this undershirt feels remarkably soft. I hardly feel that I’m wearing a tee under my dress shirt and even after a hectic day last week with multiple meetings I still felt fairly fresh and odourless.


Where my NVSBL invisible undershirt really made a difference was during my visit to the Pitti Uomo fair in Florence, Italy in June. Being at a fashion business event, your appearance is important when meeting clients and other relations as well as being in front of the lens of the many photographers on the spot. And I can assure you that dressing up and walking in the sun at 30+ degrees Celsius comes with some challenges. Keeping my outer layers dry from the sweat pouring through is one of them because showing large wet spots under the armpits or a wet trace on the back of my precious jacket doesn’t add to your appearance and can make me feel really unconfident. So, in spite of the Mediterranean heat, I decided to add an extra layer with this undershirt.

It worked! The undershirt’s thin and soft fabric felt like a second skin on my body and was able to keep the moisture from staining my shirt and jacket. I didn’t get too warm in it and I felt surprisingly comfortable with wearing the extra layer.

Conclusion: the NVSBL Invisible Undershirt proves true to its name and perhaps they should also add ‘unnoticeable’ because the experience of wearing this undershirt is like wearing none at all.

You can order them at www.nvsbl.me

Written by Michel De Groot for MNSWR Magazine Read the original article on MNSWR.com: http://www.mnswr.com/nvsbls-undershirt-isnt/