The 3 Clothing Items You Need To Hack Better Dating

Dating is a minefield if we don’t know what we’re doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ve probably been lucky up till now. It’s only a matter of time before you blow up when you don’t want to.

We all want to be better at dating. Some men are naturals, some men are clueless and the rest are somewhere in between.

If we really break it down, to be successful at dating, we have to be as attractive as we can be.

Let’s reiterate and internalise that. We have to be as attractive as we can be. When it’s spelled out like that, it sounds obvious doesn’t it? But how many of us can say that we went to our last date as attractive as we could be?

One essential component being as attractive as possible is how we look and how we dress.The object, then, of dressing for dating is to maximise your chances of success.

We’re looking to (1) eradicate everything that might put her off whilst (2) wearing things that make you more attractive.

We want your dress sense to be a positive asset when you go out on a date.

We’re looking to show the right indicators. In the same way that males in the animal kingdom show off their chests and their eye-popping plumage, we’re aiming to do the same with our dress sense. After all, your physical appearance is the first thing she sees and the basis for her first impression of you. Let’s aim higher than ‘Let’s not mess this up’ and shoot instead for ‘I look great and I convey to my date that I am a high quality male’. If we aren’t aiming for the latter, why are we even going out on dates? To look less than this would be to put ourselves on the back foot immediately and make the date harder for ourselves.

It’s a no-brainer to be as well dressed as possible on dates. Make that strong first impression and see the benefits.

With that agreed, the overarching theme that governs all of our dress sense for dating is that of conveying high value and high quality. (This works outside of dating too.)

A man of high value and high quality = a man of high status = a highly attractive man

A man of high value:

  1. Knows who he is
  2. Knows his purpose in life
  3. Shapes his life to fit his aims and value.
  4. Has self-confidence

A man who has these elements knows the importance of being physically attractive. He will want to be well dressed as it is a physical expression of who he is: a man of high value.

In essence, a women will be unconsciously asking the following three questions about you:

1) Do your clothes fit?

This shows that you know the importance of fit to looking well dressed. You don’t just throw on any clothes. You choose clothes that fit you exactly and exactly you alone. The human eye can spot flaws a mile off. The smallest detail is picked up on even if the observer themselves is not even aware or conscious of it. Something will jar and that’s the opposite of what we’re looking for.Not too tight and not too baggy. 99% of the times when a man’s clothes don’t fit, it’s because the clothes are too big in one way or another. The sleeves are too long. The shirt, jumper and jacket are a size too big. Trousers are too long with excess rumpling at the ankle. The chances are that if one item is too big, then the other items will be too big.

2) Do you have a style?

Most men don’t have a style. This puts them on the back foot immediately. Better to have a bad style than no style at all. This leads to the next point.

3) Is your style congruent with being a man who is a high quality, attractive male?

Your style and look should convey status. It should show that you have taste. It should show that you know what looks good. It shows that you know that a man should have a style, and a strong style at that.

The instant 3 minimum clothing hacks to look great on a date

A well-fitting jacket

This instantly creates a strong first impression. It doesn’t matter what style of jacket it is. It could be a sharp blazer. A tailored overcoat. A leather jacket.

Just make sure it fits well.

Check this post out for much more detail on achieving the perfect fit.

A great pair of shoes

It’s true what they say. Women look at your shoes. It’s one of the first things they look at. They may not even know that they’ve looked but they did. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting you, they’ve looked at your shoes. Don’t let yourself down here. The worst case scenario is that you’re wearing horrible shoes devoid of all taste and style. Instant black mark against you. The next worse case scenario is that you’re wearing average shoes. Guess what? You’ve placed yourself in the average zone. You’ve got to do some hard work to get yourself out of this self-inflicted hole. Why start on the back foot? Take advantage of the fact that you now understand what a women is consciously and unconsciously looking for and demonstrate this newfound knowledge through decent shoes. These are an indicator that you understand the game you’re playing and the dance that you’re waltzing.It doesn’t matter what style of shoes they are. Sharp Oxfords or great sneakers. Just make sure they’re quality and stylish. Check this link out for more details on shoes.

A decent watch

Men don’t have many opportunities to accessorise and we could spend a few posts on the pitfalls of accessorising. For now, let’s agree that the watch is the only opportunity (bar your wedding ring) for understated accessorising. Your watch doesn’t have to be a IWC, Breitling, Rolex, or Panerai. But it does have to indicate what we discussed above. That you’re a high quality male who knows his own style.Many men these days don’t wear watches. This is a mistake. A watch speaks volumes about you. It says that you are a grown up who doesn’t use his phone to keep track of the time. It says that you are a man who respects traditions. Wearing it on the correct wrist (the left, regardless of which is your dominant hand) tells people that you are a man who knows and understands subtle rules. This hints that you are likely to know the subtle rules around lots of other things in life. All of which suggests that you are a high quality male who is likely to be successful in life and in the future. All of this from a watch. Check this out for a great watch at a reasonable price:

Get these three items right and watch your dating success skyrocket.

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