Minnesota to D.C. Carbon Free — The plan to get there

Leonardo Rapallini
May 24 · 2 min read

The goal is to get to Washington, D.C. in time for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) conference that will be on June 9th -11th.

Here’s the plan: we will drive a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, so we have approximately 250 - 300 miles of range with a full charge. Considering that on the highway we will likely go at 70 miles per hours, we will stop every ~ 2.5 to 3 hours to do a 10–15 minutes rest stop and recharge. We will take longer pauses (~30 minutes) at lunch or dinner.

Friday, June 7th, 2019: we will leave from Minnesota in the afternoon and drive to the Chicago area. 394 miles and 6h15m, including one rest stop in Mauston, WI and a quick dinner in Madison, WI (maybe we will stop longer and just enjoy the dinner).

To plan we are using a great site, www.abetterrouteplanner.com built by a German software engineer (darn… these German engineers are precise), that allows us to enter all the different possibilities. We will see if the German engineer can account for the innate Italian desire to frequently change plans…

Plan for Friday from abetterrouteplanner.com

We will sleep at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Schaumburg, IL because they have 2 Tesla chargers, so we can recharge the car overnight. Fede called them and they confirmed they are in working order. A little publicity for our Homewood Suites’s friends. It is pretty cool and super useful to offer a recharge option.

Saturday, June 8th 2019: that’s going to be a long day. Leaving early from Illinois, we will cross Indiana, Ohio, Pensilvania, Maryland and get to Washington, D.C. by evening. 742 miles, 12h and 40 minutes, including 5 stops to recharge the car and recharge us with food.

In total it’s 1,136 miles, 19 hours on the road. The only question Leo, Elena and Aryanna have left is this: will Fede speak for 19 hours straight? Yes, Fede is known for being a talker, sort of like a mostly entertaining radio station that you can’t turn off … Follow our adventure and we will see.

Minnesota to D.C. Carbon Free

Two dads and two daughters on a road trip from Minnesota to D.C. in an electric car

Leonardo Rapallini

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Minnesota to D.C. Carbon Free

Two dads and two daughters on a road trip from Minnesota to D.C. in an electric car

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