Art of Mo’ Wax: Henry Lavelle

Part of the appeal of a Mo’ Wax release, other than the music, is their amazing artwork, and the label became famous for their visually appealing packaging. This series will take a a brief look at some of the artists who worked with Mo’ Wax between 1992–2003.

Henry Lavelle was the brother of Mo’ Wax founder James Lavelle. He specialised in intricate packaging and ran his own companies Modo and 88Create. Sadly…



Mo’ Wax was a British record label which existed from 1992–2003. This series of articles looks at what happened to each artist following the release of their music, and the demise of the record label.

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James Gaunt

An Australian writer with a passion for research. James edits music fanzine The Shadow Knows and writes regularly about Mo’ Wax Records.