Mo’ Wax — Where Are They Now: About & Contents

About my series of articles “Mo’ Wax — Where Are They Now” and a list of articles written so far…[Updated May 6 2022 — iO (Excursions)]

As I was finishing my book, Making Psyence Fiction, I started to think about what projects to work on next. I had cut a lot of content from the book relating to Mo’ Wax and the assorted artists who released music on them so I thought it might be interesting to write a book detailing every release. I thought it’d be interesting to create a Yearbook and interview every artist, detail their work, and include photographs of their discography. But I realised this would take years to pull off, and I’d just spent three years working on a book about one album and I needed a break. Still I wanted to keep writing.

I decided instead to look at where these artists went after Mo’ Wax, and specifically try to find out where they are now. So far it has been mostly straight forward, and in a future article I will detail my research techniques. But for now I wanted to list the articles written so far, and what I will be working on in the future.

There are still so many artists to look at, and while some have had extensive careers, others have dropped off the map. There are also those who only appeared on Mo’ Wax compilations such as Headz and Headz 2, and perhaps I will look at those artists in another series following the completion of this project, but for now I am only looking at artists who released their own album or single on Mo’ Wax.

Some of these articles are long, while others are quite short. Sometimes this is because I couldn’t find any information about the artist, or they just didn’t do anything outside of releasing one 12". For those artists who have had ongoing careers I have tried to summarise their life while also detailing things which may interest readers. It’s been an interesting project, but I’m not finished yet.


Written in order of Mo’ Wax catalogue number

MW001 — Repercussions (1992)

MW002 — Raw Stylus (1992)

MW003 — Palm Skin Productions / Simon Richmond (1992)

MW004 — Marden Hill (1993)

MW005 — RPM (1993)

MW006 — Federation (1993)

MW007 — Mistura (1993)

MW011 — El-Malo (1993)

MW012 — DJ Takemura (1993)

MW014 — DJ Shadow (1993)

MW016 — Step (1993)

MW017 — La Funk Mob (1994)

MW019 — Dee C. Lee (1994)

MW020 — Attica Blues (1994)

MW021 — Deep Joy (1994)

MW022 — Visionistics (1994)

MW025 — DJ Krush (1994)

MW028 — UNKLE (1994)

MW031 — Sam Sever And The Raiders Of The Lost Art (1995)

MW032 — Money Mark (1995)

MW035 — Luke Vibert (1996)

MW037 — Rob Dougan (1995)

MW040 — Andrea Parker (1996)

MW046 — Doctor Octagon (1996)

MW047 — AIR (1996)

MW049 — Innerzone Orchestra (1996)

MW051 — Innervisions (1996)

MW065 — Urban Tribe (1996)

MW073 — Sukia (1997)

MW075 — Deborah Anderson (1997)

MW078 — Liquid Liquid (1997)

MW083 — As One (1997)

MW084 — DJ Q-Bert (1997)

MW092 — Peshay (1998)

MWR105 — Major Force West (1999)

MWR109 — Blackalicious (1999)

MWR110 — Quannum (1999)

MWR115 — DJ Assault (2000)

MWR116 — Psychonauts (1999)

MWR117 — South (1999)

MWR121 — DJ Magic Mike (2000)

MWR122 — Divine Styler (2000)

MWR127 — Nigo (2000)

MWR139 — Malcom Catto (2001)

MWR141 — David Axelrod (2001)

MWR146 — Parsley Sound (2001)

MWR147 — Skelf (2001)

MWR148 — Black Lodge (2001)

MWR149 — Tommy Guerrero (2001)

MWR151 — Jordan Fields (2001)


Between 1995–1996 Mo’ Wax released ten 12" singles under their Excursions sublabel. Some artists released music on the main Mo’Wax catalogue too.

MWEX 001 — The Prunes (1995)
MWEX 002 — iO (1995) *NEW*
MWEX 003 —Olde Scottish. See: Skelf (2001)
MWEX 004 — David Caron — Coming Soon
MWEX 005 — Solo & Aura — Coming Soon
MWEX 006 — Midnight Funk Association — Coming Soon
MWEX 007 — DJ Shadow / Chief Xcel. See: DJ Shadow (1993) and Quannum (1999)
MWEX 008 — Stasis — Coming Soon
MWEX 009 — Solo — Coming Soon
MWEX 010 — Twig Bud — Coming Soon


Between 2000–2001 Mo’ Wax released four 12" singles under their Vecta sublabel.

MWV 001 — Beans (2000)
MWV 002 — Divine Styler (2000)
MWV 003 — Lenky (2000)
MWV 004 — Atmos (2001)

Art of Mo’ Wax

A brief look at the artists who contributed to the Mo’ Wax style.

Ian “Swifty” Swift
Will Bankhead
Mike Mills
Gio Estevez
Ben Drury
3D (Robert del Naja)
Yamatsuka Tetsurō (EYƎ)
Stan Green (8th Wonder)
Brian Cross (B+)
Phil Frost
Futura 2000

Other Mo’ Wax Articles

A selection of Mo’ Wax related articles outside of the Where Are They Now series.

Grand Royal VS Mo’ Wax — The Collaborations of Mike D & James Lavelle

James Lavelle and His Family of Artists

Mo’ Wax Please — Unreleased 12" from Mo’ Wax Records

Mo’ Wax and the Arts

Revisiting the Worldwide Bapeheads Show 1998

Remembering Psyence Fiction

Mo’ Wax in the UK Charts

Groovin’ To The Max : Marlboro Music *NEW*

Interview: Marc Lariviere of Donut Productions *NEW*

Coming Later…

There are several releases which don’t feature the MW000 catalogue numbers, or weren’t directly released by Mo’ Wax. These include the Excursions and Vecta series, and later releases such as those by Elliott Power.

Mo’ Wax was a British record label which existed from 1992–2003. This series of articles looks at what happened to each artist following the release of their music, and the demise of the record label.

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An Australian writer with a passion for research. In 2020 he published Making Psyence Fiction, a book on the creation of UNKLE’s debut album.

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