The latest releases from the Mo’ Wax family in 2023

James Gaunt
Mo’ Wax — Where Are They Now
2 min readOct 30, 2023


Bandcamp Friday is close by, as is the end of this year, so here’s a roundup of seven releases from 2023 by artists who once released music on Mo’ Wax Records.

Palm Skin Productions — A Swarm In July

After teasing the return of his Palm Skin Productions alias for some time, Simon Richmond returned with his new album A Swarm In July, released August this year. This followed the Trickle Up EP from March, and a beat tape in 2022.

Rich File — Trust​!​Vox (Inside Us All)

Rich File released music under a few different aliases on Mo’ Wax, including Forme and DJ Aura. Lately he’s been teasing new music under his multiple aliases, as well as his own name. Trust is the first real taste of what he’s been working on, and feels at home next to his work with UNKLE from the early 2000s. There’s also an instrumental version, and a newer track Leave It All Behind is on streaming services now and should be on Bandcamp soon.

DJ Shadow — Action Adventure

Shadow’s latest album sees him reinvent himself again. This time there’s some 80s synths mixed in amongst his trap beats and what not. It’s instrumental, but is far from his Endtroducing days. You’ll hopefully find something to like in its 14 tracks.

Malcolm Catto

As part of the Madlib Invazion Library Series, Jake Ferguson teamed with Malcolm Catto to create their own library music style album as the second in the series. This one was made for sampling, so it will be interesting to hear how it turns up in new productions in the future.

Tommy Guerrero — Amber of Memory

Tommy Guerrero released his album A Little Bit Of Somethin’ right as Mo’ Wax was closing down, so while many of the labels’ artists moved onto other things, Guerrero has remained prolific and released his latest Amber of Memory in September. Perfect for the surf, or soundtracking a lazy Sunday.

UNKLE — ​​​Rō​​​nin II [Instrumentals]

There’s been a few remixes and new releases from UNKLE this year, with the instrumentals for last years’ Rō​​​nin II album finally dropping on Bandcamp in August. Featuring new remixes of songs from The Road albums, and the new songs The Way Back Home and Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be. This was another great release from UNKLE, and for those creating end of year mixes I’m sure the instrumentals will be welcomed.

Marden Hill — Blown Away

This year, Acid Jazz continued their work re-issuing Marden Hill’s catalogue, with the release of their album Blown Away. Opening track Come On was also released on Mo’ Wax back in 1993, and Acid Jazz re-released the UNKLE remix back in 2002 onto streaming services.



James Gaunt
Mo’ Wax — Where Are They Now

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