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The MOAC development team launched their Nuwa platform on the 31st of July, 2018, after more than a year of hard work. The release of this new version represents the realization of MOAC’s microchain technology.

The Nuwa platform was developed using the Go programming language, and is comprised of the VNODE mother chain software package and the SCS microchain software package.

This release primarily includes the following updates:

  1. VNODEs can provide SCS node access services
  2. VNODEs can receive mining incentives when providing SCS node access services
  3. Support is provided for IPFS microchains
  4. Support is provided for token free microchains
  5. Releases SCS node software for accessing the MOAC main net
  6. Releases microchain protocol smart contracts
  7. Releases the POS consensus-based microchain contract ProcWind

MOAC’s Github address:

The release of the MOAC microchain mining function will be delayed by one week to ensure the smooth update of the MOAC main net. Microchain mining is currently tentatively set for a block height of 647,200, and is planned to be released at approximately Beijing Time 08:00–09:00 on August 8th (00:00 UTC Time). Users will then be able to register in the SCS pool to participate in microchain mining (and receive incentives) after they download and install the SCS software.

The development team will upload the MOAC microchain development package once the update is finished, so that projects on the chain can develop and deploy their own chains on the Nuwa platform.

Special reminder from the development team: mining, exchanges, and other mother chain nodes must upgrade to VNODE software immediately in order to access the MOAC main net.

What do you need to use this?

— Download the newest MOAC client — Nuwa — to replace the original Pangu client.

What will happen if I don’t update it?

— If you continue to use the outdated MOAC Pangu client, you will be unable to use microchain services, sync blocks, or send MOAC once you run the microchain, and the client will not work as normal.

What effect will this update have on MOAC in my wallet or the exchange?

— Typically, you will not be required to do anything if you have a third-party MOAC wallet or wish to initiate transactions in an exchange. However, it is recommended that you follow notices from the wallet or exchange and follow their recommendations if necessary.

What should I do if something happens while the MOAC client is syncing?

— Please check that you have already downloaded the most current version of the MOAC client. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you can post your question on Github and our team will respond as soon as possible. Github:

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