MOAR Partners With Prometeus Labs to Monetize Historical Data for Lending

John Liu
John Liu
Apr 26 · 4 min read

MOAR is delighted to announce our partnership with Prometeus Labs’s Stoa Network to realize the monetization of historical data for MOAR’s derivative-aware, cross-chain lending platform. Stoa is a decentralized framework for buying and selling data in a decentralized, secure marketplace, which will serve as a foundation for creating mature derivatives for the DeFi market.

“With Stoa and Prometeus’ suite of products, MOAR can market a sanitized, trusted, and reliable reference price index of its derivatives, along with secondary analytics such as daily high/low, for other projects to build upon. As DeFi composability introduces cross-product dependencies, providing trusted DeFi index data will be an essential service of MOAR.” — John Liu, Project Lead of MOAR.

Sourcing data from a secure marketplace like Stoa enables MOAR and UNION to fasten risk scores to specific projects and extricate data points relative to issuing derivatives with an out-of-the-box toolset. MOAR can subsequently define the parameters for particular derivatives like interest rate swaps (IRS) and a DeFi-native swap curve extracted from insights within Stoa’s data-mart.

One of the initial implementations of the partnership will include MOAR’s ability to meld TradFi yield curves with variable DeFi credit demand to create proprietary swap curves native to DeFi. IRS, the basis of forming a swap curve, are used to defend against variable borrowing/lending rates, which in DeFi, are subject to volatile short-term (and speculative) debt cycles largely dependent on altcoin price action.

Properly calibrating specific lending data (e.g., OC ratios, liquidation modeling, price volatility, etc.) and feeding it into MOAR’s derivative modeling means that we can craft proprietary swap curves in DeFi — the implied yield curve based on floating (variable) rates associated with an IRS. Imagine a LIBOR rate in DeFi that assists market participants in comparing the characteristics of a swap rate versus time.

MOAR’s integration of Stoa’s marketplace data creates a mechanism for offsetting risk within specific protocols (e.g., Compound, Yearn, Aave, etc.) via IRS where variable interest rates are swapped for fixed-term interest. The onset of fixed-term interest rates in DeFi is gaining momentum, with synthetic protocols like UMA providing templates for speculative-agnostic yield.

As a corollary, the introduction of IRS and more sophisticated risk management derivatives (which will be natively available on MOAR) into DeFi helps ossify a broader yield curve across DeFi protocols. A reference yield curve in DeFi can serve as an anchor from which interest rates and parameters of other derivatives are inferred. A more lucid yield curve within DeFi translates to better capital efficiency and optionality for larger players (e.g., institutions) looking to enter the market — pulled from historical lending and other DeFi data from Stoa.

“Integration with MOAR brings the tremendous value not only to a STOA’s ecosystem, but the DeFi direction in general. We’re happy to be a part of DeFi infrastructure, which is being built by MOAR. On our end, we will take care about the data transfer process in order to make sure that MOAR risk scoring goes as fast as possible” — Mikhail Nikolaev, STOA product lead.

Moving forward, MOAR’s unique cross-chain, derivative-aware lending platform will continue sourcing necessary data from Stoa. This includes building out instrumentation like structured credit products to offload borrower risk and deploy liquidity pool tokens as collateral with reduced risk profiles. DeFi’s historical data, while nascent, is ballooning quickly into a vibrant environment worth analyzing to advance towards a more mature, rich, and inclusive ecosystem.

Stoa’s secure, decentralized data marketplace for DeFi data serves as a valuable tool for MOAR, and we look forward to engaging with Prometeus further about enriching DeFi’s cross-chain derivatives market.

About MOAR

MOAR is a derivative-aware, cross-chain, and operationally safe lending protocol embedded with accessible financial tooling and derivatives primitives. MOAR is built on the latest version of Solidity, can handle ERC-721 (the token for NFTs and frequently used for derivatives), and fully supports UNION Finance’s C-OP instrument (a decentralized Put) for collateral optimization natively. Built on Ethereum, MOAR will emphasize a user-friendly front-end replete with features like one-click capital optimized borrowing and yield strategy access, a proprietary liquidation program, embedded derivative support, DEX integration, structured credit products, interest rate swaps, term deposits, and cross-chain connections to BSC and Polkadot — with more L1’s planned for the future.

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About Prometeus

Prometeus is a secure and decentralized protocol that allows fully trustless and anonymous data exchange and storage. Prometeus is layer two, so it can be implemented by the majority of existing blockchains.

Our primary goal is to utilize the public blockchain to achieve a decentralized, trustless, and censorship-resistant framework for exchange/share data across various fields and implementations. Our current implementations include data trading/sharing marketplace and firewall resistant social media solutions.


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