An ego-less product design

Meet Mobi Lab — the story of the founder

When starting my own business, still studying economics and entrepreneurship, most of the opportunities I saw were in technology. So I began to build the best team for the software used in mobile devices of the time. Having the privilege to work and grow together with companies like Skype, Privax, TextPlus — I started to understand the value chain of product development. My company found itself in the situation were clients asked more what to do and less how to make it.

The design of an interface has always been perceived as something very creative, artistic and emotional. As a result, it is hard to evaluate and makes people think that a good UX or UI designer is a superstar artist — the person that knows how to make humans like your technology.

But coming from economics, I always tried to set KPIs. I wanted to tell my clients precisely what their return on the investment to design a new product interfaces would be.

So we started to hire team players. We welcomed designers, product managers and engineers who were not superstars. They might have had impressive CVs, but they knew that they owe their success to the team. Designing a product is a team play with product managers, engineers and with your clients. And the best for this are the egoless designers. The ones who verify all their assumptions like they were new to their job.

Today we are in the business of innovation consultancy. We help our clients to set the KPIs, we can design based on their growth hacking plans, and we help them to deliver new ideas as a digital experience. Even robots need to talk to humans, and we want humans to understand robots. And there’s a lot we can do to make customer experience great and inspire our clients.

Mobi Lab is a boutique design and development agency for customer experience of digital products. Our HQ is based in Estonia, in one of the most digitalised societies in the world. We are the only Google Certified Agency in the Baltic States.

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