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Advertising Update: Mobie App

This past week has been an exciting combination of audience testing and media campaign buzz as two new initiatives went live around the promotions of the Mobie App.

  1. Social Media: in tandem with some new and engaging “cash back” audience scoring, we launched a Twitter advertising campaign to drive audiences to the app store and encourage the downloading of the Mobie. App. The campaign has been live for a week and we have already seen a lift of several hundred new page views on the app store directly from the ad unit.
  2. App Store Keyword Optimization: Just as important as Search Engine Optimization, App Store Optimization is the process of associating Mobie with keywords and phrases in the search process on iOS. We have launched an optimization campaign over this past week on keywords like “crypto rewards” “cashback” “rewards” and “shop with crypto” to improve how Mobie is ranking in the app store. This campaign has resulted in a series boost in app downloads!

In total last week, we had over 350 new app downloads and an average user session of 1.69 times per day. This means most people are using the Mobie app more than once per day! We also had a significant reduction in crashes, with only 1 app crash in the week reporting period!! This is a huge reason to celebrate.

NOTE: the above metrics are only for users who have opted into sharing their device information with Apple. And are only on the iOS store.

Coming Initiatives:

  1. We are working diligently to re-structure some of our linking practices to allow for app engagement campaigns and more full cycle tracking especially across the google play and apple store. This is something we are hoping to accomplish this week.
  2. New Campaigns: we are adding to our list of active campaigns! A new general awareness and engagement retargeting campaign is scheduled to go live this week to encourage more people looking to earn rewards to download the mobie app!

The March AMA is a week from Wednesday; so start thinking of your questions now, and we will have the link to distribute this week!

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the support team at

-The Mobie Team



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