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Counting The Days…

For those of you who joined us in our clubhouse room this past Thursday, this image might bring back some memories. For those of you who didn’t make it, here goes!

We’ve made some modifications to our Q1 Roadmap, chief among them, the addition of an exciting new Mobie product to take advantage of additional network liquidity in the ever-evolving defi space.

A bridge between Stellar and Etherum for your MBX tokens. This means that Mobie Coin will be wrapped on the Ethereum network. We are so excited to share more details about this project with you soon and can confirm at this point that the product release will be before the end of the month, and the community will be informed at least 48 hours prior to the launch.

Defining Our Roadmap

We are incredibly fortunate to have such an active and supportive community who are so eager to get their hands on the Mobie App. We want to remind everyone that as we mentioned in our AMA this past Wednesday, we are focused on bringing the best possible product to market and are not going to rush development just to meet a deadline. That being said, we have had a series of very productive meetings this week with our development leads on the various projects underway and are pleased to re-confirm that we are on target for our Q1 delivery of the private beta launch of the Mobie App. As a reminder, the first quarter ends on March 31st!

Q1 Goals — Re-confirmed

  • Private Beta of Mobie App*
  • The Bridge
  • Merchant Web App
  • Pre-Staking Support

The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list, nor intended to replace our roadmap that you can find on the website. Just to re-confirm to our supporters that we are on track for Q1, as we have been stating all along.

*A Note Regarding the Private Beta Launch

The verbiage change of “public beta” to “private beta” on the roadmap reflects legal counsel guidance and the best verbiage to use given our plan to launch the app strategically to high-impact users. The functionality of the beta launch has not been changed.

Your place on the waitlist will depend on a number of factors including tokens you hold, as well as your capacity to utilize our retail partners that are available at launch (ie. if you are not in a country where our launch partners have physical locations, you will not be eligible for the private beta as early as a user who has the ability to use Mobie at a physical retail location). If you are not eligible for the private beta at launch due to your geographic location, your presence will help us determine which countries to consider rolling out to next. You also will have priority eligibility when support is launched for your country based on your support during the waitlist period.

Stay tuned for more specifics as we continue to get closer to the end of the Quarter!

The Mobie Team




We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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