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Happy 2022 From Mobie

Coming into 2022 with our live Mobie App is an incredible feat to celebrate:

Ringing in the New Year with our January AMA on Wednesday, January 5th at 12PM PST we will be covering everything from the Mobie App Roadmap to the Staking & Rewards as well as answering your questions.

App Updates

Last week we released version 1.0.9 which included critical bug fixes for all the below issues, streamlining and improving the overall user experience.

We’ve fixed some issues regarding KYC, for a faster and smoother onboarding process. Also, a lot of visible and invisible improvements have been made to the In-App Exchange. This update also includes numerous UI enhancements that improve the way you interact with the Mobie App.

  1. KYC verification: Issue with Address and Proof of ID screens skipped on starting verification process is fixed in this build. On Agreeing Wyre disclaimer, the user will be navigated to the Address screen.
  2. KYC verification: On reinitiating the KYC verification process, document selection retained in the Proof of address screen is now reset to no selection
  3. Android — White screen with the text “Please check your internet connection” issue when user enabled both mobile data and wifi is fixed in this build
  4. Currency selection updated to slider format in Shopping Payment screen and Send to Contact flow
  5. Shopping Payment screen design update — Tip and Pay button
  6. Search results updated to “No Results within 500 yards” in the Near me section
  7. Exchange: Equivalent USD displayed below Buy and Sell field on selecting a digital currency
  8. Scan QR code: Defaulting currency selection in Send transaction confirm screen based on currency in QR code
  9. Fetch method timeout is increased to 1 minute, this will avoid timeout issues in Plaid/bank account balance transactions

Our teams are currently working on bug fixes for:

  1. Add account option in the currency selection slider
  2. Deposit USO: Test Data dependency to test if bank status check is included when the user is KYC verified but bank status is in pending status.
  3. Add account option in the currency selection slider is not implemented in this build.

As always, please reach out to with any questions and submit any errors using ShakeBugs.

Thank You-
The Mobie team




We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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