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Mobie Monday — Vol 29

Last week we dove in deep with our banking partners and integrations to make sure that the process of onboarding fiat into the Mobie app is more seamless than ever — based on some feedback from our initial beta tester group.

We are so excited for more of you to get your hands on the app, and to get you even more excited about the process flows and the live app, Our CEO, Brandon Burgason is going to share some App recordings of the fiat onboarding process later today! So stay tuned to our telegram for an exclusive first public look at the app!

Meetings That Mattered

  • Binance Smart Chain- Testing has continued with the BSC bridge functionality and we are getting very close to launching.
  • Marketing Updates- We have performed an SEO audit of our web presence and drafted a four-category content plan to help bring Mobie to the top of search results when potential users are out looking for solutions in the mobile payments space. Brandon spent a few days in New York with our Head of Marketing, Mark Crawford to continue to work on marketing initiatives and planning. We are working on bringing on new internal team members for our content and social media department.
  • Compliance Update- The compliance audit is underway and includes full gap analysis of the bi-directional wallet flow. We are also conducting a token audit in preparation for incorporating the tokens as an integral part of our rewards ecosystem.

Stay on the lookout for that app video coming from Brandon later today, and as always please reach out to with any questions!

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