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Mobie Monday Vol #56

It’s been a busy week at Mobie between our December AMA, the kickoff of the 12 days of Mobie, the announcement of our ChainLink Integration, and in-app updates! Let’s take a look at all we accomplished last week:

  • New Retailers!! Now shop and save at even more retailers right inside the Mobie App! For those of you logged in, the new names are already live and accessible for you to get to work on Holiday Shopping; for those who are not in yet, download the app today or stay tuned to our socials as we announce them over; this week!
  • 12 Days Of Mobie! We are already on the 4th day of our winter celebration! Curious to know how to compete in day 4? Here are the details on today:
  • DecentralCon and NFT Basel: The Mobie team was all over Miami last week talking with some future partners and discussing the latest and greatest in decentralization and the payments space. Coming on the tail of our exciting partnership announcement with TCG World, this news is a significantat step towards our goal of seeing more metaverses using Mobie!
  • AMA: We hosted our December AMA, where we talked about our final sprint goals for the rest of 2021! If you missed the AMA, be sure to check out the video here
  • ChainLink Partnership Announcement: For those of you who missed it, last Friday, we announced our formal integration of Chainlink for price and data accuracy. Read more about the exciting integration here and stay tuned for more cross-brand marketing between our companies as we further integrate the products.

We are incredibly excited for the road ahead and are committed to continuing to bring more fantastic and exciting things to the table as we charge forward into the new year! As always, if you have any questions or issues, please reach directly out to our support team at

-The Mobie Team




We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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We build mainstream products with blockchain by bridging the gap between technology and the user experience.

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