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Mobie Mondays — Vol 20

Happy Monday, we’re busy getting ready for all the launches coming up in these next weeks; here are the highlights:

The News:

  • Updated Roadmap for the rest of 2021! We have finalized our public roadmap outlining our high-level goals for the rest of the year. We will share publicly on Wednesday so keep your eyes out!
  • New Website: a re-designed version of the Mobie website is coming out ahead of our private beta launch to reflect our upcoming products for consumers and businesses.

Meetings That Mattered

  • Executive meeting to confirm our roadmap and objectives for the remainder of the year.
  • Building additional utility on the Ethereum network: held a series of conversations subsequent to our 2021 goals alignment to build out execution plans to add new ways to use MBX and wrapped MBX after we launch the bridge.
  • Staking and Rewards: finalized the terms and rewards incentives for MBX staking, slated to launch roughly one week after the launch of the bridge.

Keep your eyes out for our refreshed website and Q3/Q4 roadmap coming out this week!

If you have any issues please reach out directly to

Let’s do this!

-The Mobie Team



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