Mobie Mondays — Vol 21

Mar 29 · 2 min read

It’s the final week of Q1 and we have a lot in store for this week, here’s an overview of where we are and the order of launches this week:

The News:

  • Mobie Bridge entered into the final round of testing over the weekend. The bridge is scheduled to launch tomorrow, March 30th!
  • New Website: Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on our new website The new site will be going live later this afternoon! (today March 29th)
  • Staking: Staking of the wMBX ERC20 asset will be live later this week powered by our partnership with Ferrum. Official metrics about the APY and the pool sizes will be released on our staking information page on Wednesday, March 31st. Please disregard any community information regarding staking that does not come through our official page — thanks
  • Mobile App Private Beta: If you have been selected for the initial launch of the Mobie beta app, you have already been notified and downloads will begin on Wednesday.
  • Merchant Web App: Is also in final testing. More information on our Mobie Merchant program and how we stack up against traditional payment processing companies will be published on the Mobie Blog alongside the launch of the Web app this week.
  • Retail Announcements: We have decided to hold onto the suspense a bit longer and will be announcing our beta retail partners live in our monthly AMA next Wednesday, April 7th.

It’s so exciting to be standing where we are with so many amazing launches and announcements coming out this week. We are incredibly grateful to our entire community for the continued support and energy you give us.

If you have any issues please reach out directly to

-The Mobie Team


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