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Mobie Mondays — Vol 19

It’s Monday again! We’re getting ready for another busy week here at Mobie. Here’s a look at some of our highlights from last week:

The News:

  • New Team Member! Dan Young joined Mobie to help build out our product offerings in the gaming and NFT space. Read more about Dan’s background and his vision for Mobie here.
  • Update on the Bridge: We are in the final stages of setting up the production environment to move into load testing and stress testing. Still on track to be launching the wrapped MBX and the bridge platform by the end of the month.
  • Missed the Bridge announcement? Check it out here and be sure to follow us on social!

Meetings That Mattered

  • New advisor Dan Young joined team meetings and has been onboarding throughout the week to learn about all things Mobie.
  • Held several compliance meetings to discuss regulatory guidelines around new listing venues for MBX.

We’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon. As always, thank you for your continued loyalty and support; we couldn’t do this without you.

If you have any issues please reach out directly to

Let’s do this!

-The Mobie Team



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