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Mobie Network in 2022 | 3..2..1…

Mobie was conceived over 3 years ago, born 2 years ago, and launched this past year! In order to get excited about the future, we oftentimes need to take a peek at the past for context, perspective, and as a reminder that the world is changing today more than ever before. It’s because of this extreme rate of change of the crypto space, financial technology, government legislature, and human philosophy (why humans do what they do) that Mobie is excited and geared for an ultra disruptive 2022. Our core goal is doubling down on our core utility: MBX.

Here is the spoiler alert for what MobieCoin (MBX) is and will empower in the new year:

  • Cashback on purchases at participating retailers/merchants made through the Mobie App. The more you spend or MBX you hold, the more crypto cashback you will receive on spending.
  • Interest earnings on your MBX for rewarding loyal MBX holders and incentivizing saving alongside spending.
  • Earnings on Liquidity Pool (LP) staking for helping to foster global liquidity of the token and supporting native blockchain tokens/coins.
  • Cross-border payments/remittance/settlement through our partnerships with Wyre and the Stellar Foundation in both fiat and crypto.

We’ll unpack these features in more detail across the 3 sections that follow.

Chapter 1: Looking Back

Looking back on 2021. One global theme that emerged in the fintech space is NFTs. Strangely enough, there have been several active NFT protocols for years now, but no one really made a fuss about NFTs or ‘collectibles’… until now. A second emerging theme was “layer-two” or “L2 ‘’ technology. L2s are pretty much-emerging blockchains which are improvements and/or derivatives of (mostly) Ethereum, only oftentimes more useful, generally cheaper, and sometimes faster. As more and more blockchains emerged, so did the arrival of parachains — chains to aggregate and support tokens on many different chains to make inter-chain transacting easier.

While all this was going on, Mobie has been focused on building a payments ecosystem to power all this development. Payments are the critical glue that powers and enables all infrastructure (NFTs, parachains, L2, etc.) to gain mainstream adoption. On our mission to provide universal currency agnostic rewarding payments, we cranked through countless project milestones carefully planned about this time last year.

Here are a few of our 2021 Achievements:

2021 Roadmap Milestones
  • Launched the Mobie Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Enabled USD FDIC Insured bank accounts for US citizens for USD deposits, transfers, and withdrawals. **USD accounts for International and businesses coming in 2022
  • Enabled in-app purchases at 50+ retailers/brands.
  • Pay in MBX, BTC, ETH, USD
  • Enabled in-app currency exchange for select pairs (crypto and USD)
  • Completed and passed internal infrastructure, banking, and other compliance audits 🎯
  • Built an MBX to wMBX swap bridge for use of MBX on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

Achieving these milestones was largely made possible by the feedback & adoption of the Mobie App by the community so a big thank you to the early adopters! As we move into the new year, we know the community is rapidly growing and we have many more features which we’d like to share in this article.

Chapter 2: Right Now

In Addition to the Cornerstone Mobie App, we are charging ahead in these three categories

Right now, Mobie is focused on setting January off right with a handful of sweet community-focussed features.

  1. Rewards, rewards, rewards! Besides the obvious financial benefits of investing your MBX in staking pools, Mobie is also launching a handful of campaigns. We’ll be sharing more on the staking pools just prior to launch in mid-January.
  2. Mobie has also recently launched the In-App Currency Exchange. We’ll be conducting some analysis on user trading activity to decide on adding more pairs & improving the user experience.
  3. Finally, you asked and we listened! Mobie is launching BTC/MBX, USD/MBX, ETH/MBX UDST, USDC, pairs in January 2022 so that you can buy MBX directly from within the app. This will make getting some MBX much easier, faster and remove the friction of needing to go via an exchange. This feature is launched in Beta mode currently before we switch over to production.

Besides the above coming soon features, the team has been hard at work designing Mobie’s web3 or ‘decentralized’ feature sets for 2022. While we’re sharing more in the next section it’s worth noting that because Mobie is geared to be a global retail-focused wallet — we value web2 features as much as web3. The world is in a painful transition from web2 (centralized tech) to web3 (decentralized tech) and while some are very polarized about the topic, we see a world where Mobie is the bridge between both these worlds. We’re not fence-sitters, we just see incredible value in including users who are inclined to either of these methods of transacting. We have purposely started building in reverse with the mainstream consumer/end-user in mind and products for mass adoption which is more on the Web 2.0 side of things. We are now focused on building out decentralized products, tech, and more utility with the goal that everyone will end up using Mobie products since they will all be in one place and no need to go elsewhere. We are building parallel infrastructure for both 2.0 and 3.0 with a bridge in between for people to go back and forth easily.

Chapter 3: Looking Ahead

The 2022 Goals as identified in our January AMA

Finally, we get to the fun part. We introduced this hybrid picture of web2 & web3 co-existing in the previous section. As the majority of Mobie’s existing infrastructure is web2 you can imagine that 2022 has quite a large web3 component. Here is a breakdown of what the next 12 months will look like:


  • Launch in-app staking (off-chain)
  • Launch cashback reward campaigns on in-app purchases (off-chain)
  • Launch the Mobie for Business and Merchant Payment Gateway for USD and crypto payments
  • Launch card integrations for the Mobie App to load your wallet with USD and pay with crypto
  • Open app to international users for crypto wallet


  • Launch liquidity pools (LPs) and LP staking contracts for MBX and all its derivatives
  • Launch the first cross-border payment rail using MBX stable coin for settlement
  • Connect the NFT marketplace to the Mobie app (web2 meets web3)
  • Launch of Mobie Swap — Hybrid CEX + DEX + Bridge
  • Launch Web App & Wallet 2.0


  • International Banking Support
  • Launch of Mobie Debit Card and Integration with Apple & Google Pay
  • Chrome extension
  • Launch of Mobie Earn


  • Launch the Mobie Labs (R&D) facility in TX, USA
  • Launch the first global Mobie Network event in Texas, USA. (Community members, partners, team, influencers, and a lineup of exciting guest speakers)
  • Release the Mobie Labs Grant Program for incentivizing global open-source code contributions to the Mobie Network

Overall, we are shifting into an R&D and Web3 company ethos as we continue to push the envelope of what is possible within the payments space and continue to develop in-demand and differentiated technology.

A visual representation of how company time and focus is shifting moving into 2022

We Believe

We believe that the world is far too complicated and we’re simply on a mission to make it uncomplicated.

We believe that the world is far too cluttered when it comes to moving money and we’re simply on a mission to make it uncluttered.

We believe that making payments is far too boring and we’re simply on a mission to make it fun.

We’re building the infrastructure of the future. Not just for geeks, whales, and dark webbers, but for kids, governments, and grandparents too. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making Mobie what it is today, we hope you’re as excited as we are about 2022!



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