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MobiePay + Orion Partnership 🔥

Integrating the most advanced liquidity aggregator with the MobiePay ecosystem

MobiePay is focussed on adding the best in class blockchain innovators as our partners. We are incredibly excited to present Orion as our latest partnership. This integration will bring Orion’s token, ORN, to the MobiePay ecosystem and provide it with access to the evolving transaction platform. We will work to combine Orion’s Liquidity Boost Plugin and the MobiePay in-app exchange (MobieX) to bring cross-exchange liquidity and industry-leading spreads on spendable currencies within our ecosystem.

What is Orion?

The Orion Protocol is one of the most advanced liquidity aggregators ever developed. It has the capability to consolidate almost all crypto exchanges into one decentralized platform. The front-facing application, known as the Orion terminal, provides a singular, non-custodial gateway to the broad digital asset market and is set to be launched this quarter (Q4 2020). Orion’s major asset is the Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin, which provides unmatched liquidity and volume solutions for crypto projects, blockchain platforms, and exchanges.

What does this mean for MobiePay users?

The Orion Protocol has the potential to enhance the MobiePay ecosystem by providing liquidity within multiple exchanges through the integrated Liquidity Boost Plugin. This should enable fluid liquidity and tight spreads on each currency within the MobiePay ecosystem. This functionality also has the potential to unlock one of the best exchange experiences in the market, while simultaneously allowing MobiePay to pass the savings and rewards to the community.

The integration will open up the opportunity for holders of ORN to use their token throughout the Mobie ecosystem. It also has the potential to unlock a number of new functions for the ORN token, including:

Mobile Payments: Making purchases and payments worldwide using a mobile phone. No need for a bank account or debit card.

Point of Sale Checkout: Integration with thousands of physical and online Point-of-Sale (POS) systems at top retailers and merchants worldwide.

Rewards + Loyalty: Streamlined loyalty and rewards for both consumers and merchants using ORN on a single platform.

Global Payments: Giving banked and unbanked users a path to send and receive any major currency via MobiePay and exchange it into local fiat currency.

Instant Exchange: Giving consumers and merchants the potential to exchange any currency, local fiat, or digital almost instantly with minimal fees.

“Orion Protocol’s mission is to build a sustainable future for crypto while breaking down barriers to mainstream adoption. Integrating with MobiePay is a huge step in further facilitating the real-world use of crypto assets: enriching MobiePay’s ecosystem with liquidity, while building an integration that should allow ORN to be used at major global retailers, including many household names.” Alexey Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol

“An integration with Orion Protocol makes perfect sense for the Mobie ecosystem and our evolving in-app exchange. Orion Protocol’s will provide access to liquidity in multiple exchanges in one place. It has the capacity to enable a seamless liquidation process with tight spreads and low slippage. These benefits will apply to multiple asset transactions within the Mobie ecosystem. This integration also has the potential to allow Mobie to pass those savings on spreads to its consumers.” Brandon Burgason, CEO of MobiePay

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