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New Retailers & Shop with MBX: This Week At Mobie

It’s been a landmark week at Mobie and for all those within the Mobie Community.

From the 12 days of Mobie, including an incredible meme competition and daily new retailer announcements to the incredible announcement on Friday that MBX spending is officially live in the Mobie app, this has been a week to remember in our history.

In-App Spending of MobieCoin

Last Friday, December 10th, the latest release of the MobieApp 1.0.6 was pushed to the app store, including one of the most in-demand feature additions: MobieCoin Support!

The 12 Days Of Mobie

Make sure you’re following our socials for your chance to win free in-app cash and Mobie Swag! The 12 days of Mobie are still running strong, with winners being announced on our Discord channel. Prizes will be distributed all at once after the 12 days of Mobie (12/16)!

New Retailers

Earn cashback or pay in crypto using the Mobie App at even more places! Nine new retailers were added to the app: CVS, Ulta, Gap, PetSmart, Old Navy, The Container Store, Auto Zone, Jamba, and Banana Republic.

An Update From Brandon:

CEO and Founder, Brandon Burgason, was in our telegram channel over the weekend to share some more specific updates about the app release and our progress; for those of you who missed it, here it is:

1. MBX is now able to be used at retail with the 1.0.6 release. This is a significant release to show token utility.

2. Buy, Sell, Exchange cash & crypto in-app for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and USD is scheduled to be live in the next few releases. MBX support to follow on the following release.

3. Follow release will have in-app rewards live for completing actions in the app. Once this is live, we will implement our In-App Staking/Earn platform for $MBX holders.

4. We have been collecting data on the first users on the platform. The biggest issue we face is Verifying Identity since it is a US bank account. We have fixed this blocker with our compliance team and are working on the onboarding experience where people can create crypto wallets globally without KYC and only do KYC if they want to use USD per banking laws. This new process will dramatically reduce onboarding friction.

5. We are now integrated with CVS, Ulta, Gap, PetSmart, Old Navy, The Container Store, Auto Zone, Jamba, and Banana Republic. We are finalizing Starbucks integration now. Hopefully, we can push this live soon.

6. Marketing campaigns have not gone off as planned since the global crypto market downturn. We are testing different strategies for the rest of the years and seeing what works so we can push hard in Q1 of 2022. Once all the app enhancements are done, we will have a better CALL TO ACTION for new downloads and users.

7. The State of Texas in the US is on track to be live in Q1 of 2022. New York is still pending for Bit License with our banking partner.

8. Here are the assets that will be available in our wallets:

BTC — Bitcoin, ETH — Ethereum, XLM — Stellar, sUSDC — Stellar USDC, AVAX — Avalanche, DAI — DAI, pDAI — Palm DAI, USDC — USD Coin, mUSDC — Matic USDC, L-BTC — Liquid BTC, USDT — Tether, BUSD — Binance USD, FUSD- Flow USD, GUSD — Gemini Dollar, PAX — Paxos Standard, USDS — Stably Dollar, AAVE — Aave, COMP — Compound, LINK — Chainlink, WBTC — Wrapped Bitcoin, BAT — Basic Attention Token, CRV — Curve, MKR — Maker, SNX — Synthetix, UMA — UMA, UNI — Uniswap, YFI —, GYEN — Digital JPY, ZUSD — Digital USD, RAI — Rai Reflex Index, LETH — Loopring Ethereum, LUSDC — Loopring USDC, ALGO — Algorand, AUSDC — Algorand USDC, AUSDT — Algorand USDT

Coin Update:

9. Our second-largest exchange got hacked for $196 million last week. MBX was NOT affected by the hack but has affected MBX since all deposits and withdrawals have closed, dramatically impacting volume. We are monitoring closely. When they reopen, we expect things to be pick up.*** NOTE: BitMart has communicated the below that deposits and withdraws should be live by the time of this article posting!

10. We have increased our Telegram and Twitter following by 2,000+ in the last week as part of our marketing tests, generating new eyeballs to the community.

11. We are preparing to release the next phase of rewards, including in-app staking and more rewards that should drive more utility and users to the ecosystem. We plan to give more % cashback the more MBX you hold.

12. Mobie is looking into creating a stable coin and looking at options on building a DAO for Mobie Network.

13. We are working on recruiting new blockchain developers and product experts to expand Mobie Network.

Make sure you’re following us across all our social channels for the latest updates about retailers, supported currencies, giveaways, and more! As always, please reach out to if you have any questions.

-The Mobie Team



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