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Stake Your Mobie Coin Today

Staking support for Mobie Coin is officially live! In addition to our previously announced staking options and as an extra thank you to our loyal community members, we have added a third staking option, Liquidity Staking!

Pools are open now and will close as soon as they are filled so act fast! If you do not yet have wMBX to stake, visit our bridge to swap your stellar-based MBX tokens for Ethereum wMBX to participate in one of our staking options!

Check out our dedicated staking site for all the info you need about getting started with staking your Mobie Coin.

Types Of Staking

We have built out three different staking options for our community: VIP, Liquidity, and Standard. Read the below for the specifics of each program and get started with staking today.

VIP Staking

Mobie is also offering a limited pool of VIP staking opportunity that is completely first-come, first-serve. This very limited offer, with a pool size of 150 million tokens, yields a 45% APY in tokens over the 90-day term (11.25% over the term).

Liquidity Staking

As an added thank you to our community we have added this additional staking option at 40% APY over the 90-day term (10% over the term).

There is no individual cap on contributions for liquidity staking but there is a total pool size cap of 250,000,000 tokens.

What Are liquidity pools? Liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked in smart contracts that provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges. Liquidity is a key component to healthy markets in DeFi as it helps regulate price and provide opportunities for higher trading volume and larger order sizes which in turn contribute to efficient markets

Learn More about Liquidity Staking here

Standard Staking

Mobie is making standard staking accessible to everyone at the 35% APY rate. That means that anyone who wishes to participate can stake up to 8 million wMBX for the 90-day period and have the benefit of a 35% APY (8.75% over the term) on their staked tokens.

As always if you have any questions please reach out directly to our support team at

Thank you and Happy Staking-

The Mobie Team



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