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This Week At Mobie! Rewards & our February AMA

We have an exciting week lined up for you! With the final touches coming to our six-module rewards overview, we are almost ready to hit publish and release the details of each of the modules to the public!

Want a quick sneak peek? Reward Modules include:

  1. One Time Single Action Rewards
  2. In-App Staking: “Rewards for Staking/Holding MBX”
  3. Single-Sided Staking (On Chain)
  4. LP Uniswap Staking (On Chain)
  5. Affiliate Rewards
  6. Shopping Rewards

Curious to learn more about rewards but don’t want to read a 6-page document this week? Then join our AMA!! Register here and submit your questions ahead of time to hear the answers you’re looking out for.

The Monthly Mobie AMA is this Wednesday at Noon PST and we can’t wait!

Keep your eyes peeled for the rewards update ahead of the AMA and we will see you all Wednesday!

As always, please reach out directly to if you ever have any issues with the app.

-The Mobie Team



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