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Update From Mobie 01/17

Happy Monday from the California Headquarters of Mobie! We are working diligently across the board to ensure that all our 2022 roadmap milestones are continuing to fall within reach, and are excited to be bringing you this update today.

  1. For those of you who missed it, last week we published our 2022 milestones and roadmap article detailing some of the macro initiatives that we are looking at in web 3.0 in the coming year as well as diving deeper into some of the topics and themes we discussed on the Webinar AMA.
  2. Buy MBX enabled in Exchange flow! Mobie App now supports the in-app exchange flow allowing users to buy MBX from right inside their mobie app! This is a tremendous step forward for MBX and we are very excited to see this token functionality fully explored in the app! You can find the exchange features in the “more” button at the bottom of your screen!
  3. Transparency On Fees You’ve asked and our team is delivering. Lots of questions have been pre-submitted around the fee structure on our gassless transactions and in-app exchange. To help answer these questions ahead of next month’s ama, the mobie team has been working on a public-facing FAQs document to clear the air around this topic.
  4. Submit Your Questions and Get Ready! We are already accepting topics and questions for next month’s AMA. If you have not already registered to attend please do so here. The AMA is scheduled for February 2nd!
  5. 12 Days of Giveaways prizes have all shipped! Keep an eye on your mailbox if you were one of the winners as the prize merch is on the way!

As always, if you have any in-app issues using Mobie please submit them using ShakeBugs, if you are having non-app-related issues please reach out directly to and our team will be happy to assist you.

The Mobie Team



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