Announcing partnership with TagMe Network — a MobiFi incubated project that does DePIN📍

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2 min readMay 1, 2024

In 2023, when we declared our mission to “connect globally, impact locally”, we are deeply committed. The launch of the MobiFi.World initiative wasn’t just a statement — it was a serious commitment to a mission with the potential to not only enrich the web3 industry but also forge connections between people and bolster local economies.

We recognize that such an ambitious mission cannot be realized overnight, and certainly not by taking the approach of fleeting meme projects. It demands considerable effort and collaboration. As a startup, we are acutely aware of the necessity to focus our energies without dilution. Hence, we discreetly initiated an incubation program on our MobiFi.World Community Page.

TagMe Network

It is with great excitement that we announce the first project to emerge from our incubation program at MobiFi.World: TagMe Network. TagMe is a pioneering DePIN initiative designed to bridge web3 projects with real-world local businesses through the innovative use of NFC and blockchain technologies.

TagMe’s ambitious goal is to deploy over 1 million of NFC chips worldwide, establishing a reliable DePIN network and revolutionizing today’s marketing strategies.

Keanu Neuville, co-founder of TagMe Network, shares our enthusiasm, stating, “We are super excited about the launch of TagMe and our collaboration with MobiFi. This partnership represents a transformative step for integrating web3 technologies with the vibrant life of local economies. TagMe aims to create a robust DePIN network that not only enhances how we connect with local businesses but also reinvents marketing strategies in the digital age. Our vision is ambitious, but with the support of the MobiFi community and the innovative use of NFC and blockchain, we are confident in our ability to make a significant impact. Together, we are setting the stage for a more interconnected and economically empowered world.”

What This Means for MobiFi

TagMe’s vision extends beyond merely driving web3 traffic to local businesses; it aligns perfectly with MobiFi’s objectives. We plan to utilize TagMe’s API to introduce our users to exciting locations within cities, encouraging them to explore the world while simultaneously supporting local economies.

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