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Announcing the MobiFi-AuBit partnership

MobiFi is excited to announce a partnership with AuBit, a new asset management platform that “networks” the world’s top investment products to maximize returns. Primarily, this partnership will provide access to a potential new user base for AuBit and explore how MobiFi users can tap into this new, innovative investment tool kit.

Working with AuBit

AuBit was created to address the fact that asset management has been designed and built for the wealthy to the exclusion of most people. The project is tackling the fee-heavy and one-sided nature of traditional finance with a networked solution — built to leverage the exponential power of network effects. AuBit is the first in the world to bring the network effects to finance for the benefit of all investors.

AuBit uses blockchain technology and a ground-breaking new regulatory structure to extend access, bridging the gap between the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance. In initial simulations, independently verified by an investment bank, AuBit users received significant additional gains per year against market benchmarks.

MobiFi shares a common belief with AuBit in the inevitability and inherent value of DeFi. While AuBit strives to network the world’s top financial products like gold, stocks, bonds, and crypto for greater returns, MobiFi is working to overhaul traditional transportation systems — reducing fragmentation and freeing capital trapped inside mobility credits.

In particular, MobiFi is interested in utilizing AuBit to offer users exposure to a broader range of investment opportunities beyond borrow, lend, stake functions. We want to bring in as many high-quality investment options for our community as possible, and AuBit is a great partner for helping us fulfill that vision.

“We are so excited to be partnered with Aubit. The variety of products from Aubit are going to change the investment landscape of MobiFi’s users, and help them grow their crypto assets. We open the door to traditional mobility users to enter DeFi, and Aubit opens another door for high yield investment products”

MobiFi Project lead — Yudi Xu

“Here at AuBit we believe that financial success depends in large part on access to a broad range of good financial services. MobiFi’s clever innovation helps users to put otherwise seemingly dormant money to work for them, giving opportunities for greater financial control and gain. This is exactly the kind of outside-the-box thinking which will help everyday people see a brighter future and that aligns perfectly with the AuBit vision too.”

Sadie Hutton, Founder and co-CEO AuBit.

About AuBit

AuBit is a brand new digital asset platform that networks the world’s top financial products for greater total returns with no additional risk. AuBit makes this possible through a new model of finance it calls Social Finance, that redistributes fees and revenues for the benefit of all users, meaning that the greater the number of users — and value of their transactions — the greater the rewards for all. AuBit is making access for all possible from May 10th 2021 through the AuBit Freeway platform. Join more than 100,000 users on the waiting list at

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About MobiFi

MobiFi is a financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). We’re building the transportation UX of the future — simplifying the mess of mobility services that many consumers face today while also allowing them to earn on their mobility credit. Once complete, our platform and tokenized payment system will boost mobility service provider efficiency and coax users into more sustainable transportation decisions.

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