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Blockchain expert Alex Bausch joins MobiFi

MOBIFI continues to win trust from solid industrial authorities, we are proud to onboard Alex Bausch, Chairman of, as our advisor. Alex will bring his significant expertise in blockchain, tokenization, together with strong leadership skills to the project.

Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of international business development. He is experienced in the mobile and security industry, with a proven track record in building successful high growth companies that won many awards. Alex is a firm believer in business ecosystems which aim to inspire and facilitate co-innovation among its members. Alex is an advocate on Blockchain, which is considered foundational technology that will impact our everyday lives. It will change the way in which traditional digital services are provided across all public sectors, industries, and services, globally.

“I have known Alex since 2019; he is an amazing mentor since then. When I told Alex about MobiFi, he immediately got the vision and wanted to help us. As a forerunner and leader in the Dutch blockchain ecosystem, I believe Alex can help bring MobiFi into the game and boost the tokenization journey for the Netherlands.”.

— Yudi Xu, Project Lead of MobiFi.

About MobiFi

MobiFi is a financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). We’re building the transportation UX of the future — simplifying the mess of mobility services that many consumers face today while also allowing them to earn on their mobility credit. Once complete, our platform and tokenized payment system will boost mobility service provider efficiency and coax users into more sustainable transportation decisions.

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The first yield engine, designed for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

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Team MobiFi

Team MobiFi

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