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Earn interests with your mobility credit

Does it make sense to earn interest with your mobility credit? Do people care about it, i.e., invest with your “pocket money”?

This is the question the team has been discussing and arguing with each other for weeks and weeks when we first came up with the idea of “yield engine for mobility”.

Mobility is defined as the potential for movement and the ability to get from one place to another using one or more modes of transport to meet daily needs. ( The problem-solution fit here is about getting people to move from A to B in a better way. The ”better“ can be: efficiency, cost, time, carbon footprint, user experience, and many more. Different people have different preferences. It seems that there is no need in the mobility industry to look at investment options because it will never become a demand.🤷🏻‍♂️ Really?

An investment is an asset or item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in value at some point in the future. In other words, why do investments? Because people want to grow their assets overtime to make more money. The more asset you put into an investment, the more return (loss) you will have in the same amount of time and market conditions.

Where is the link here? Or where is the problem here? After extensive research and interviews, we found the following evidence that the synergy is hiding behind the wall.

  1. Mobility is everyone’s daily dependency. Most operators offer a transport card, and everyone has some little money it . If they don’t actively use it, the credit on these travel cards become an unexploited credit, a dormant capital for the end-users. The point here is not to tell them to invest that money somewhere; the revolution is as simple as enabling them to use it, to generate value.
  2. The so-called “leftover treasure” is much bigger than you think. Alipay is one of the first payment apps that offers a saving account. It started in 2013, and it becomes the biggest money market fund in only four years (with over $150 billion and more than 500 million users). People choose it because they use it for daily payments (convenience) and an extra investment feature makes it a must-use app. We have to admit that there won’t be many people putting a lot of investment into the mobility wallet for investment, but this tiny treasure is enormous. For example, there are over 400 million pounds unclaimed money in the Oyster card in 2019. If you add up the active user’s deposit, it’s a huge fund that is not generating any value to end-users.

The motivation is not using money to invest, because it’s not serious big money. Certainly, if you put a lot of money, that is possible with MobiFi’s integrated DeFi product, it brings more profits; however, the revolution MobiFi brings is:

“Turning dormant capital into investment and creating value for the end-users.”

The value can be cash, i.e., the interest generated from the capital. The more money the user put into his wallet, the more profit they will make. The value can also be mobility services (how about free parking and charging for your car?). The value can be a green eco badge or planting a tree in the desert. Based on tokenization, MobiFi can turn this value into any form that fits the user’s needs.

Ah, now it’s clear. MobiFi is brings a new financial tool to create extra value for end-users.

So, does it make sense to earn interest on your “leftover” mobility money?

The answer is YES, and why not? People want simple, cheap, and efficient travel experience plus all the extra value it can generate for them, and the society.

How can you earn money with MobiFi

  1. Dummy proof investment

No brain investment for a stable, low risk return of 2–4% annual percentage yield. You just need to top up your fund into the mobility wallet, either in fiat or in crypto stable coin. Then you will see your fund grows right away. Oh, you have the 100% freedom to use the fund for any mobility service you want. The interests calculation will adapt itself automatically.

2. Investment as a Pro

If you are experienced in crypto investment. We provide you an exchange like option, where you can choose the high yield DeFi staking product or token borrowing and lending protocol as you want. Again, all the fund are seamlessly available for your mobility use. As a pro user, you have more control of your APY and risk.

3. Earn in the eco-friendly game (everyday)

We have designed a game for your daily mobility activities. As our vision entails, we will be encourage and incentivize green travel behaviors. Travel smart and eco-friendly with MobiFi, you will be earning rewards ($MoFi token) in your daily life.

4. Run/stake for the MobiFi Corda bridge

Once the whole end to end Corda bridge is publicly live, we will be open the access for non-mobility provider to run the bridge nodes, where stakers can earn $MoFi and benefits from the large transactions and demand from people’s daily travel activities. Before that, major mobility service providers will be running a governance to host a few trust nodes so that the network can start its beta release. Please note at the very beginning, MobiFi Foundation and its service operator Things Protocol will be running 1 or 2 limited nodes to test and run the services during early development stage.



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