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Linking your Metaverse with the real world

Facebook said: “We are going to the Metaverse!” And Mark Zuckerberg bought more land in Hawaii. Despite the vision from Meta (Facebook), we do need a metaverse, but we need to live in the real world as well. Can you imagine you enjoy being a king in the metaverse but live in a 10m2 cell room and food delivered from a tube, own nothing in real life?

Looks like we are surfing the internet, someone is surfing the sea waves 🤔

It keeps me thinking:

💡 We need to find the value of NFT that can changes the real world

Together with the team, we created MobiFi last year, a “travel/move to earn” app that offers cheaper mobility services (Parking in the Netherlands at the moment) and generates passive income for users using DeFi.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have completed the gamification design to enable more users (not just those in live in the Netherlands) to participate in the project. They can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs to create value for themselves and, most importantly, to create value for society.

So what is it?

We will be introducing an in-app NFT marketplace where user can mint and sell their NFTs. By holding a particular NFT, users can participate in green activities in our platform to earn Green Energies and MoFi tokens to level up their charters to earn more rewards. Rewards include:

  • Cryptocurrencies (MoFi and other tokens from our partners).
  • Utility NFTs.
  • The unique collection of NFTs can boost your level-up journey.

The utility NFT plays a vital role in linking the digital and real worlds together. Utility NFT earned in the digital world can be sold on the marketplace or be used in your daily life. An example here will be a “one-hour free scooter ride”, or a discounted parking in Amsterdam.

Thanks to the excellent foundation we have built for MobiFi in the mobility sector, we can offer real benefits like parking discounts, etc. for our end users.

High-Level User Flow Design


There is no change in our current roadmap, we will be delivering the crypto reward system in Q2, which now becomes part of the gamification feature I discussed above. The team aims to release the beta version of the gaming system by the end of Q2, and you can expect a limited game character NFT giveaway and sale around that time.

In the end:

People always ask me: “Do I need to have cruptocurrency knowledge to use MobiFi?” I always answered no, it’s an App for everybody, we make it simple and user friendly. But then I really feel ashamed that actually people out side of the Netherlands cannot use our App!

Stay calm, we will change that from now on💪



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