MobiFi Project update: October & November

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3 min readDec 4, 2023

MobiFi’s Journey Continues: Exciting Developments in October and November!

🚀 Product Progress Amidst Challenges

The past two months have been a whirlwind for MobiFi, marked by significant strides in product development despite technical and personal challenges. Our team’s relentless dedication has led to the creation of key features that are set to redefine the web3 travel experience.

1. Blockchain-Based Marketplace (Beta)

Our newly developed blockchain-based marketplace is a game-changer for local businesses catering to web3 travelers. Think of it as an eBay built atop a NFT marketplace. This platform not only enables the purchase of NFTs (tickets/vouchers) using various cryptocurrencies but also introduces token-gated product listings, buyer protection through a dispute period, and a seamless redemption process for offline events. We invite you to explore and join as a service provider by submitting your application at MobiFi Marketplace. (login and click “Sell a service”)

2. Web3 Event Collections

We’ve compiled an extensive list of major crypto events from November 2023 through May 2024. Download our app to bookmark your favorite events and stay tuned for the “Plan Your Trip” feature, offering exclusive hotel and flight deals from our travel partners in the next update.

3. Side Event Support for Web3 Events

Leveraging our marketplace technology, users can now host side events during major web3 gatherings. This feature allows event hosts to sell tickets in their preferred cryptocurrency. Planning a web3 event? Increase your token utility and community engagement with MobiFi. Check out the details at MobiFi Events.

🌍 Community Highlights

Though community events have been sparse, some inspiring stories have emerged:

  • Jane’s Representation: Our community member, Jane, represented MobiFi at the Digital Nigeria International Conference in Abuja, Nigeria. Full article can be found here.
  • Guo’s Thailand Adventure: Guo, another member of our vibrant community, traveled through Thailand and shared her journey on social media.
  • Shenzheng Outdoor Meetup: A group of outdoor enthusiasts in Shenzheng climbed Nan Shan mountain to discuss web3.
  • Chinese Speaking Community Growth: After token 2049, our intern in Singapore successfully launched our Chinese community on Little Red Book, attracting over 12,812 views in a month. Follow us on Little Red Book for global adventures.

As our Singapore internship concludes, we’re on the lookout for our next globetrotting intern. If you’re passionate about travel and fluent in Chinese, join us on this incredible journey!

🏅 MSBT Rewards

To honor our community’s contributions, we have distributed MobiFi Soulbound Tokens (MSBT) for October and November, recognizing the efforts of those who have actively helped in community growth.

Full list of address and MSBT rewards will be shared in a separate social post.

Make sure you check our our bounty program to apply your skills to earn our governance token.

Stay tuned for more updates as MobiFi continues to evolve and redefine the web3 travel industry.

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