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MobiFi Project Update Sep 2022

September is a busy month, just as usual, tho, for the MobiFi team. We are ready for most of the product’s core features and are reviewing and doing final checks of the migration to mainnet after the ETH2.0 merge. Below are some of the key highlights we want to share with everyone.

📱 Product feature update

  • NFT activation button
  • Greenz rewards based on NFT skills
  • Moving the ongoing parking counter to a fixed place in the modal (to help prevent users forgetting their have active parking)
  • Add a small parking icon on the mobility page icon while a user has active parking.
  • Add QR code support for sending and receiving in crypto wallet.
  • Support crypto wallet user (Metamask) user sell and buy NFT from the marketplace (MobiFi managed wallet doesn’t support selling and buying NFT yet, this function is expected to be ready by the end of Oct)
  • Integrated with one of the leading NFT marketplaces for buying and selling.
  • Introduced referral function (beta phase) to reward both referraler and referralee who will receive cash rewards.
  • In-app message system upgrade

Besides the product update, we also started the work of redesigning of our website to align with the latest design style of messages we are delivering in our app. The website will be live in Oct. Let’s have a sneak peek first 👀 (content in the picture may change in the future)

📰Community and Marketing

As you can see, we haven’t run an extensive marketing campaign and promotion yet. It has nothing to do with the economy or the so-called crypto winter. Our product is not only relying on crypto users.

As a matter of fact, most of our app users are non-crypto users. Of course, they are transforming themselves into crypto users after starting to use our app.

However, as we are moving to mainnet soon, we will focus on user acquisition. In other words, you will see more content and campaigns in Q4.

Nevertheless, we continue to publish fun videos about our product.

Interviews we did with NFT.NYC, where Yudi will be presenting MobiFi in NFT.London in November. A warming-up interview between Ian Utile and Yudi Xu:

#LFG #Mobifi🚀



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