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Product feature recap — beta release

As the release of the public beta is approaching. We want to offer a recap of the key features that are included in this version: 0.1.1 (build 106), which will be listed in app store very soon 🔥

The team’s primary focus is to get feedback and test the mobility features (parking) of the app. The app currently offers a parking service (off-street) that covers the entire Netherlands via our parking partner Parkbee (they just raised 30 million euros funding🚀).

Note: The greyed-out parking areas are on-street parking; we are finalizing a few things in it. It will be available soon in the future release of the app.

Users can search the location they want to go to (via Google Map search), then the app will display all parking around the destination. We use our algorithm to pick the best price for off-street parking to help the user save money and be more sustainable.

The app display real-time pricing and availability of parking spot for each parking garage so user can determine which one they want to choose. (Reservation feature will be added in the forthcoming release as well). Users can quickly start a parking session (the garage gate will open), enter the parking garage via the pedestrian door, and terminate the parking session with just one click of a button.

All payment is taken care of by the backend automatically. We use a blockchain minted token, SMile, to facilitate all the parking service payments in our app. The SMile token is 1:1 pegged to Euro for simplicity. Important thing to highlight is we don’t charge a service fee, so only pay what you use for parking.

Users can also top up with their bank account (via SEPA direct debit) or $USDT. USDT top-up will be automatically converted to SMile based on the latest USDT to Euro exchange rate.

MoFi reward will be given manually to those who use off-street parking; an automated reward mechainism will be implemented once the app is out of the beta phase and ready for scale-up.

Important note:

At this stage, the SMiles are not considered as cryptocurrency, and you cannot trade on a crypto exchange like Binance. It’s a permissioned blockchain minted token that supports mobility services in MobiFi App.

We provide automated staking (it’s not an investment) with AAVE to generate cashback for users who have unused SMiles in their wallets. So users can generate passive income 24/7. The cashback rate varies due to the change according to the market condition.

The team is working hard to bring more cryptocurrency features into the app (DeFi staking, high yield of the SMiles etc). The next phase is to get feedback and improve the app in mobility services. So we encourage users in the Netherlands to join our beta testing (you need to be whitelisted) to provide feedback. More info of how to get whitelisted will be communicated soon via our official channel! Stay tuned!

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About MobiFi:

MobiFi is a next-gen mobility service provider that reshapes how people travel in big cities. It offers a driver-focused mobility service app that brings cheaper parking, mobility services and cryptocurrency rewards for sustainable travel behaviors.

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