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Update on LP Staking Program

Current LP staking program

The LP staking program (180 days) is almost over; MobiFi Foundation distributed 7.5 million MoFi tokens to our early supporters. We appreciate all your support.❤️

⚠️ The important thing to note:

Please unstake your token before 00:00 AM UTC, 6th Oct, 2021. The rewarded MoFi will be sent to your wallet address separately. You can continue to hold the LP token to earn Uniswap fees every day.

👀 Reason behind it: The smart contract is not going to be stopped as it is on blockchain ;-) There will be chances that some people continue to stake after the deadline, and your rewarded MoFi becomes new rewards for them.

Going forward

We are working with a partner to create a more interesting, rewarding program, which will combine NFT and the future gamification of our mobility app with it. We are designing some rules to ensure only the true supporters and community members get the best.

So there will be specific criteria to participate in the NFT game and get extra MoFi. For example:

  1. You have to hold certain numbers of MoFi (we will make sure it’s inclusive for most of the people)
  2. You didn’t sell X% of MoFi in the last Y days
  3. You keep X amount of MoFi, otherwise, your NFT will be snatched

The combined NFT and MoFi staking reward will be linked to our product so you can continuously use the NFT and trade them to earn more 🤟

Join our community; stay tuned!

About MobiFi:

MobiFi is a financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). We’re building the transportation UX of the future — simplifying the mess of mobility services that many consumers face today while also allowing them to earn on their mobility credit. Once complete, our platform and tokenized payment system will boost mobility service provider efficiency and coax users into more sustainable transportation decisions.

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The first yield engine, designed for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

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