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What is the parking situation in the Netherlands today?

You are almost there, but you have been driving around for ages, passing your destination for the third time. You are still not able to find a parking spot. This is a very common experience driving in big cities and finding a place to park your car. We are not even mentioning the expensive parking fees.

We did research together with the University of Delft last year; during the study, we found a surprising but rarely known truth, i.e., indoor parking is cheaper than on-street parking. (*data collected only in the Netherlands).

So, if you are living in the Netherlands, do you know that parking in-door is cheaper?

To give an example from Amsterdam (the biggest city in the Netherlands), it is among the top 10 of the global parking index. Below is a pricing table (2019)


7.5 Euro per hour in the city center is no joking. It costs you easily 20+ euros if you go there shopping or have a nice dinner on Saturday evenings. Yet, at the same time, Amsterdam’s traffic problem continues to worsen. We believe the municipality of Amsterdam and many other big cities in the Netherlands will continue to increase the on-street parking price like they already did in 2019.

“Cars still place a huge burden on the available space. In its efforts to restrict traffic in the city center, the City Council proposes an increase in parking fees for visitors. Anyone who wants to park in Amsterdam will pay more for this service starting in April 2019”City of Amsterdam

As of January 2020, the passenger car fleet in the Netherlands stood at nearly 8.7 million. It is 1.7 percent up on one year previously, which is half of the Dutch population. Believe it or not, passenger car growth was faster than the population growth in 2020. (CBS)

Looking at the pictures of Amsterdam, you probably don’t enjoy driving in the city center. It is a place for bicycles and pedestrians. But what shall we do as a driver (the biggest group in the Netherlands.)

Crowded street of Amsterdam
busy and narrow street of Amsterdam

What can we possibly do?

Based on our study, there are two options that might mitigate the issues. 1) Do not even drive into the city center of big cities. 2) Get inside an off-street parking garage as soon as possible and stop wandering on the street looking for parking.

Sometimes you have to drive into the city center, because of bad weather or carrying a lot of stuff. In that case, we highly recommend parking your car in the nearest indoor/off-street parking garage than on the street.

If you commute to the city regularly or hang out with friends in the city the whole day. Why not just park your car in a much cheaper parking garage and take alternative public transport or even scooters to finish the last mile?

There are many parking apps on the market (like Parkmobile, Yellowbrick etc in The Netherlands). Big cities also have P+R facilities where you can park your car and take the public transport to go into the city center.

Using MobiFi App, you can quickly find the cheapest off-street/indoor parking. Believe it or not, we provide indoor parking that is cheaper than on-street ones. (up to 50% cheaper!). In addition, the app provides you with passive income on your mobility credit, and we reward green choices with cryptocurrencies worth real money.

Be sustainable and win some MoFi or even Bitcoin; this is not a bad idea ;-)

The public beta is ready to be tested, follow our social media to get the latest news on the App.



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