Cumulations Adopts Swift for iOS App Development

Developing iOS apps is so different from developing Android apps. Cumulations has always been popular for the delivery of consistent and smooth running iOS applications. Apple’s benchmarks are tougher to live up to and apps that can excel these would be the ones that can perform well in the long run.

The secret behind the great iOS apps developed by the company is the dedicated team that strives to incorporate the latest tools and technology in creating the best user-centric apps. And one other benefit with Cumulations is the use of Swift for the development of iOS apps.

Benefits of using Swift for iOS app development:

Be it for OSX or for iOS apps, Objective C is one of the main choices for app development. But then once Apple introduced Swift compensating all the limitations of Objective C it was an instant hit among the developers. Though Objective C is great for iOS apps, Swift has been found to add some more benefits and extra features. These benefits include enhanced safety and memory management. Apps developed with Swift would also be future-ready as this is a platform that is quickly gaining momentum.

1. Lower dependencies

2. Easier syntax

3. Lower chances of app crashes

4. Incorporates app security

5. Better Chance to Be Featured in the App Store

6. MVP development

7. Enterprise Apps

8. Apps with cross-device support

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