17 Top Incredible Mobile App Ideas for Startups


Finding an incredible mobile app idea is a challenging task. An innovative idea can successfully boost the growth of the investing startup by giving an edge in the competitive market.

As per App Development Stats, the Google Play Store has nearly 2.87 million apps while the Apple App Store has 1.96 million. With the addition of millions of more apps each year, finding the one with the highest potential becomes seemingly impossible.

Here are 17 mobile app ideas that are ideal for Startups

1. Contactless Delivery App

As the world is witnessing the second wave of the deadly CORONA virus Pandemic the demand for contactless delivery apps is rising effectively. They are focused on offering delivery with minimum to zero direct human touches.

The contactless delivery app must effectively showcase the policies followed for an effective reduction in CORONA virus transmission. Information about the employees wearing gloves, regular sanitization of the delivery vehicle, etc., must always be accessible to the app users.

2. On-demand Doctor Appointment App

On-demand appointment apps allow patients to connect with a doctor available online easily. Patients can also book a physical appointment for a nearby location and at an affordable price.

The appointment software market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19% and cross $546.31 million by 2026. So, it is a vital mobile app idea for startups.

3. AR-based app for Redesigning rooms


Trying furniture over a house before actually buying is now possible with AR-based apps. The user needs to scan the room using the app and then place 3D models using the app to find out how they would look after the final installation.

The efficiency of such apps is more than 90% and also offers high UX. Users, on the other hand, can try thousands of models to find the best fit for the home.

4. Language Learning App

A language learning app offers basic learning lessons to language for free. The app gets designed for different stages of difficulty and begins with simple tasks like learning greetings, regular words, etc. Language learning apps can also offer a common platform for teachers and students to connect.

Based on the pricing strategy, you can charge a commission from tutors and offer top-list subscription offers to language experts.

5. Rate and Earn apps

Rating apps will allow users to offer genuine reviews and feedback about recently launched mobile applications in the app store. Such apps enable users to earn a commission in discount coupons and vouchers while rating new mobile apps.

6. AI-based Scan and Shop App

A scan and shop mobile app is based on artificial intelligence. The user can scan an object which he/she wants to buy online. The mobile app then presents the most resembling replica from eCommerce platforms. Businesses are also hiring hybrid app development companies for end-to-end cross-platform app development services

7. Blockchain-based app for Fashion Industry


Blockchain technology effectively gets used to determine a clothing journey right from its raw material until it reaches local stores. These apps help buyers realize the total effort placed in designing and developing a product.

Such apps effectively eliminate the chances of buying counterfeit products among users. As per Statista, the U.S. witnessed 24% of counterfeit products seized from 2014 to 2016. The growth of counterfeit products can effectively get checked by brands via blockchain-based apps.

8. Reduce your screen time apps

Such apps are also referred to as anti-smartphone and smartphone deaddiction apps by the users. People of Generation X and Y tend to spend excessive time on social media platforms for leisure and entertainment.

Such apps notify the users of the total time spent by the user over a particular app like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. by sending notifications and setting targets over the app, one can effectively reduce the total time spent over the screen.

9. Dating apps for online lovers


Online dating is projected to cross a whopping $674 million by 2024, as per Statista. With a rising number of people finding love and friendship online, dating apps have become a lucrative business option for entrepreneurs to invest in.

Dating apps can be based on matching algorithms, proximity type displaying nearby users, niche-based for people with specific choices, etc.

10. Parking Space apps

Finding a safe and secured parking space becomes a burden for vehicle owners when traveling to new locations or destinations. Lack of parking space issues also occurs during weekends and festive seasons.

Parking space apps allow users to find and book a car or bike parking space conveniently with scrolls and taps.

11. AR & VR based apps for training sessions


AR & VR together save a lot of time and money for institutions by offering high connectivity between the trainees and facilitators. The trainees or facilitator need not travel to a specific location for learning sessions as AR & VR offers high UX.

The use of AR and VR for training sessions is increasing in SMEs and big billion enterprises too.

12. Find Online Tutor apps

The rise in demand for online tutors has effectively increased the demand for online teaching apps. The high rise is the contribution of the Covid-19 Pandemic that is affecting and reshaping educational institutions worldwide.

Online tutor apps allow a common portal for students and teachers to connect. The app can be monetized by charging tutors over each conversion by the students.

13. Medicine Reminder app for patients


Failing to take medicine on time is a serious concern for patients with chronic disorders. The medicine reminder app allows the user to upload the app with the pills’ names and timing. Later the user is reminded via notifications and alarms.

The Medicine reminder app has successfully helped users to ditch forgetfulness and better administration of dosages.

14. Home based beauty-remedy apps

The high demand for a natural homemade remedy for bright and glowing skin, healthy hair, pink lips, etc., can be converted into a compelling app idea. Such an app must offer a beauty regime from natural home-based products to users.

The app can also integrate tutorial videos over it to help users follow the procedure.

15. AR-based eCommerce apps


AR-based eCommerce apps allow users to try products before buying them. It means users can see how a particular product like spectacles, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., will look over the user.

eCommerce apps with AR integration effectively reduces conflicts between buyers and brands as users gain a precise and pragmatic idea of products.

16. Travel Planning apps

Finding a suitable place according to one’s budget and preference gets tricky at times. The travel planning app offers a clear glimpse of the destination and also calculates the estimated budget for tourism.

With AR and VR integration over the app, users can enjoy a virtual glimpse of the destination.

17. SOS based apps

These apps are meant for the users’ safety and prove helpful for women, senior citizens, tourists, etc. They effectively update the user’s geolocation to the local police station and when the power button/icon is pressed for more than 5 seconds.

The app also updates the user’s location to five family members or friends chosen by the user. Alternatively, such apps can also be used to gain information on the nearest healthcare facility, fire-station contact, ambulance services, etc.

Over to You

That was all about the top 17 mobile ideas for startups. You can hire mobile app developers in India from mobile app development companies as they offer affordable hourly rates to entrepreneurs and startups due to the highly competitive development market.



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